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It has been a very busy two years since my last update in december 2014. With facebook , all other social media and diferent projects there was limited time to update my site regularry.
Now i have found the time to do an update with several updates and a few new pages.
I hope i will find more time in the future to do more updates in a year.
A year ago i started a new online magzine called Hot Stuff. Looking at the statistics it shows that it has been read a lot all over the world. The links to the first three parts can bee seen at the disco articles section.

New in this update
-Ray "Pinky" Velazquez with a seperate 2 pages picture gallery.
-Disco articles-Hot Stuff magazine.
-revised double and link section.
-revised JDC mixers at Legal Company Mixers (added part 10 and updated pictures and info)
-revised several mixers 9 (new scan awesome 600, Spray House mix1 and 2 and tracklisting)
-revised link to new website of Michael Bibeau


I was very busy this year with several projects, so i had no time to update my site.
Now that all is finished i have more time left to update more often.
Most important project is my new DISCO covers book and the compiled sampler which is presented in November. I'm very proud of the endresult which i made together with Patrick Vogt.
New in this update
-Book section added with my old and new book.

I wish everybody a merry christmas and best wishes for 2015 !


I'm very busy with several projects, so i haven't got many time to update my site.
I will try to update my site more often :)

-Added one new main section :
-DJ Joe Damante with a seperate picture gallery.


It's been a long time i made an update, but i'm very busy with several projects.
I will try to update my site more often :)

-Added Two New main sections :
-DJ Luis Mario-Great DJ which is a Dj for over 40 years ! You must read his story and he still can be booked !!!
-Legends Of Vinyl L.O.V.

First of all-best wishes for 2012 !!!

-Added a New section in bootleg mixes: 32-Several mixes 11 (with 20 new medleys ).
-Updated several medleys in Bootleg mixes-> 13-Promo->extra picture, 24 Patricks 2-Completed the tracklisting, 25->Added extra picture perfect beat-bird, 27-USA rock->added extra picture.
-Michel Bibeau->added link to his new site: Mission Music PC
-Updated the doubles and index from the bootleg mixes.


-Added 13 new medleys in section:30-Mexican mixes
-Added 17 new medleys in section:31-Mexican mixes part 2
-Updated the index from the bootleg mixes.
-Updated several sections:
Legal mixes->discocross new pictures,add hotplate 15 at mexican hot plates.
John Morales->added interview from 1979 magazine.
Michel Gendreau->added link to discogs account.
Con Funk Shun->added 10 new pictures on the start page
Disco Acetates->sunshine sound acetates: some small additions