Welcome to Discopatrick's page

I am a collector of disco and funk since 1979 and I live in the Netherlands. I collect mainly the years from 1978 to 1986.

I like disco, funk, rap and hip hop. So a big part of this site will go about illegal disco-mixers, medley's from 1973 to 1986 , disco acetates and the DJ culture. See my bootleg page for scans and track info about those bootlegmixers.

Together with Patrick Vogt I made two discobooks. Our first book is a book about disco acetates and medleys called: "Disco Patrick presents: The bootleg guide to disco acetates, funk, rap and disco medleys".
Our second book is a book about the art of the discosleeves called DISCO.

I started an online magazine called: Hot Stuff
I am still working to get all my previous issue of the magazine on this site.
If you have interesting articles for the Hot Stuff magazine, just let me know.

In the right colum you can see the sections of my site.

If you have some interesting details which I can use or comments on this site please e-mail me.

If you have acetates to sell or trade, please e-mail me.

Last update-November 2023