Gary Davis

Here is a short story of Gary Davis which produced,arranged and played on a lot of Peter Brown records.
Gary made a lot of those records together with Michael Campbel .
After a few years Gary lost contact with Peter and Micheal so he founded Chocolate Star Records.

Here is his story:
In 1979 I was in my last year in College, Glassboro State in New Jersey.
I was a music composition and theory major.
My Uncle was jazz great Richard "Groove" Holmes.
During this time of period i traveled and learned a lot from him.
Some of my tunes were recorded with his keyboard like Space walking & Slow walking.
During that time period i also composed and arranged music for Big Jazz Bands, Orchestras and Bands .
During this time peroid I met Peter Brown and Michael Campell, it was Feb 13, 1979 at Sound Ideas Studio New York City.

At first we did Wayne Ford & Stero 12" "The Best Thing In Life" and "Dance To The Music Freakout"(The Girls who did the background were sisters on Dance to the music freakout).
I was a part of Stero and the Band, and i played piano, keyboards and arranged just about everything I worked on for Peter.
I also wrote tunes.
I was introduced by Darryl Feld the guitar player, and i played with him in Camden New Jersey were his father lived.
Darryl and I loved to play jazz unlike most people I had been playing with.
(Darryl lived in New York, the Bronx and everyone else was from New York).

In March of 1979 I composed and arranged and played and help produced the two sisters, Joyce & Velma Jones.
Peter put out a 12" Queen Constance Theme #401 with the sisters.

12" #402 was Joyce Jones's Remember Me. 12" #403 was Velma Jones's Searching for my lover.
All three had vocals on one side and instrumental on the other.
I played bass parts, piano, keyboards and solos.
In April 79 I worked on Anita Maldonado's What can I do make you dance.
I played string lines and other things as well (it was # 412).
#415 was as comp 12" with Anita Maldonado's What can I do make you dance.
I feel like love featuring Jazz and Just hanging around by Music Masters.

Here are some records Gary worked on between 1979 and 1982.
-Joyce Jones- Remeber Me Queen Constance 402
-Velma Jones- Searching For My Love Queen Constance 403
-Anita Maldonado- What Can I Do Make You Dance Queen Constance 412
-VA Artists Anita Maldonado/Music Masters Queen Constance 415
-Shift Roller- Rink Funk Land Of Hits 801
-Clyde Alexander and Saction- Got to get your love
(He wrote and produced that song, it was a group from New Jersey ,it was 1980 or 1981)

After Peter Brown dissapeared Gary started Chocolate Star Records in Camden, New Jersey around 1981.
He financed his label comepletly himself.
His music is influenced by jazz like Gee Dee which he plays piano and keyboards. The same is true for Peter's stuff he did. Remember Me, Got to get your love, Wayne Ford Stuff etc. He also was on of the first to use a drum machine on a LP. The Pop.

Gary Davis put out the following on his CHOCOLATE STAR RECORD-LABEL:

- 1st LP Got to get your love, Super Jake, The Professor Here, The Pop, Gee Dee, Last Night, Stay with me, The time for love is now. released in 1982 CS 1554

-2nd 12" Artist/MC Chocolate Star/ tune-The Pop,Artist/Professor/tune- Space Walking, Slow Walking released in 1982 CS 1555

-3rd 12" Artist/Davis & Davis/tunes-The Professor (on) Center Stage, Space Walking, Slow Walking released in 1987 CS 1556

-4th 12" Artist/Baby Fresh & Baby "K"/tune Spolid Rotten released in 1987 CS1557
-5th 12" Artist/Fresh to Rock/tunes-JB Ski and Prince "E", Stupid Girlie CS released in 1987 CS 1558
-6th 12" Bass Force Label/Chocolate Star-Artist/Fresh to Rock /tunesWe're "Fresh to Rock", I can't stand it! Get on down released in 1988 CS 1570

After the vinyl releases in 1988 he released some cassette tapes and  after that he started to make movies.

Gary now lives in Florida (for the past 20 years).
He does movies, music and TV Shows.
Gary Davis is available for Concerts. He does piano solo cocerta as well! Contact him if you are interested! gdav@netzero.net More info about his new work look: www.chocolatestar.net

The Chocolate star entertainment group exists 25 year this year (2005),here is the poster: