Con Funk Shun


Con Funk Shun is one of my favorite groups.
In my favorite disco in 1979 they played always the 12 inch Chase Me, which i bought immediatly.

Dameion Harrell the son of Paul Harrell which played Saxophone and Flute in the group provided me some info and pictures of the group which i share on this page.

Back stage at the soultrain on the Ladies Wild and Too Tight performance.

Dameion at the automatt 1980 on a sister sledge song in the crowd track.

Paul Harrell and Dameion at the automatt harison 4032 console in 1980.

Dameion, his mother and two members of sister sledge in 1980.

Dameion and as he mentioned his best friend a Studer A80 24 track recorder at the Plant studio during the Burning Love session.

Golden ampex reel award for recording on Ampex 456 precision Magnetic tape.

A fish eye view of the Automatt studios with a good friend engineered Leslie Ann Jones on the spirit of love session, till this day Dameion think that Automatt was the best studio. The people, rooms and the feel was just nice, even the musicians. They always served popcorn, coffee and San Francisco blend orange tea. Every time i went to the control room i could smell the orange tea and the ampex tape. Good smell. This is were Dameions first love of the 24track machine started. I accidently hovered over the tape and I had a little kid slob bring problem and I almost destroyed "Got To Be Enough".

Dameion and his father on the car in front of the Automatt studio while felons putting his guitar up in 1980.


Con Funk Shun had a sound of there own. 
Anyways Lots of people today tell me that Con Funk Shun was like watching EWF.
There were very energetic on stage. They had some good songs that went gold but could easily go platinum due to Polygram mercurys support system.
They always practice at this practice room they got years ago in there home town Vallejo called the melody, which was a club at first and closed down.

CFS saw potential in it and bought the place to turn it into  a headquarter for them.
Many pre recordings and practice were done there.
They use to have people stop buy in and watch them practice.
They recorded at a few studios. "Love Shine, Candy, Spirit of Love", and half of To The Max" was recorded at The Automatt San Francisco.
Electric Lady and Burnnin Love was recorded at the Plant studios in Sausalito Ca.
They also did a colabo tour with Gap Band, McFadden and Whitehead, Anita Ward.
That concert was televised and was a hit. It was a Packed concert and they wanted more.
They also did a tour with Bootsy Collins and Pfunk. They were on American bandstand, Magic number video 1 and appeared numerous times on soultrain.


Herbie Hancock was checking out Dameions custom silver backstage jacket that his mother made for him.

On the next pages some of the rarer Con Funk Shun records are shown, and the last page is a copy of the press kit from the Candy Album.