1-From Hollywood to Fusion


These Mixers were (as far as i know) one of the first bootleg mixers .These Mixers contains popular disco songs from 1976-1979,featuring extended ( and sometimes quite abbreviated ) percussion breaks and reworked samples (not mixed) of many songs.There were no overlappings, in all these mixers,just breaks and samples are put (edited) together.
The first Hollywood was created by Juan Jay Negron, see the seperate section a interview with him.

-Hollywood 1:



This Mix was also issued in different labelcolors white label with red letters,yellow label with black letters) and different recordnumbers (see scan above).

The mix was also issued in the netherlands on a 7" (completely black with no label) see left picture.


Side A:(6:05)

Side B: Is a short version of side A (4:10)

This was released in 1978.
Ttrack listing:
Village people-Hollywood break looped 7 or 8x then:Salsoul orchestra-Magic Bird of Fire,
Village people-Hollywood break,Salsoul orchestra-Magic Bird of Fire,Trammps-Disco Party,Music- Montreal Sound,Trammps-Disco Party,Ten Percent-Double Exposure,
Trammps-Disco Party,Music-Montreal Sound,Trammps-Disco Party,I Feel Love-Donna,
Trammps-Disco Party,I Found Love-Love & Kisses,Trammps-Disco Party,Music-Montreal Sound,Trammps-Disco Party,Music-Montreal Sound,Trammps-Disco Party,Music-Monrteal Sound,Trammps-Disco Party,Trammps-Disco Party,whole break Music-M.S.,Trammps-Disco Party,Music-M.S.,Trammps-Disco Party,Donna,Trammps-Disco Party,Hold Tight-Vickie Sue,Trammps-Disco Party,Devil's Gun-C.J. & Company,Trammps-Disco Party
Erotic Drum Band (the song that sounded like "AFTER DARK" from Patti Brooks)
Trammps-Disco Party,Star Wars-Meco,Trammps-Disco Party,Musci-M.S.,Erotic Soul-Larry Page Orch.,Trammps-Disco Party,Block Party-Anthony White Then fade out.........


-Hollywood 2:



Side A and B:(7:10)
This was released in 1979.
It starts with the countdown of Instant Replay-Dan Hartman,The Erotic Drum Band-Love Disco Style-Jerky Rhythm,Donna Summer- Mac Arthur Park,Montreal Sound-Music,Musique-In The Bush In the middle of the song is a piece coppied of Disconet volume 2 number 5 bonus side-Birds(During Musique-In The Bush) -Plop Plop Fizz Fizz(speedy)-Ain't that enough For You(John Davis & Monster Orch.),Sylvester-Dance Disco Heat,Edwin Starr-Contact,and many more songs.

Nice to mention is that in Mexico the Hollywood 2 is remade by a group (Just like the stars on 45 records):


-Hollywood 3:


Side A and B (6:30) Side A and B same mix.
Mix starts with Donna Summer-Bad Girls,Gino Soccio-Dancer,Anita Ward- Ring My Bell ,Poussez-Never Gonna Say Goodbye,.,.,Garry's Gang-Keep On Dancin,.,.,Machine-There But For The Grace Of God Go I,Mantus-Rock Your Body,.,Nightlife Unlimeted-Disco Choo Choo,.,Kat Mandu-The Break.


Here is the Italian presing of the mix.


-Hollywood 4:


Side A contains the following songs:
Saturday Night Band-Boogie With Me,Dan Hartman-Hands Down, ,Sparks-Beat The Clock,Musique-Glide,The Ring-Savage Lover,Mantus-Rock It To The Top,French Kiss-Panic,Michael Zager Band-Let's All Chant.

Side B contains the following songs:Gino Soccio-Dancer,Goody Goody-Superjock,.,Dan Hartman-Instant Replay,Earth Wind And Fire-Magic Mind,Candido-Thousand Finger Man,Garry's Gang-Showtime-Keep On Dancin-Party Tonight,Musique-In The Bush,Bumble Bee Unlimited-Lady Bug,Macho-I'm A Man,Revanche-New York City.

This medley is also issued in 1980 as a white label medley(see scan).
You can identify the white label in the runoutgroove ( desciption:15A and 15B).


-Disco Experience:


This was released in 1979 This mix is also issued in colored red vinyl.

Side A and B (5:55) This Mix contains the following songs:Village People-YMCA,Macho I'm A Man,Poussez-Never Gonna Say Goodbye,Garry's Gang-Keep On Dancin,and many more disco breaks which i don't recognize.


-Disco Decade:


Side A and B : (12:00) This mix contains the following songs:
Manhattan Transfer-Twilight Zone,Donna Summer-Bad Girls,T Connection-Do What You Wanna Do(Also the scream in this record is repeated several times),Bionic Boogie -Risky Changes,The Originals-Down To Love Town,T Connection-Do What You Wanna Do,Chic-Dance Dance,Dan Hartman-Relight My Fire,Michael Jackson-Don't Stop Untill You Get Enough,Michal Zager-Let's All Chant,Salsoul Orchestra-Magic Bird Of Fire,Dan Hartman-Instant Replay,Erotic Drum Band-Love Disco Style,Musique-Push Push In The Bush,Nightlife Unlimeted-Disco Choo Choo,Quartz-Beyond The Clouds.


-Disco Spectecular :


This mix is issued as two different labelcolor and jacket.
Number : 101
Side A: (8:20) This Mix contains the following songs:..,Wayne Henderson and Roy Ayers-Heat Of The Beat (This sample is repeated during the whole song),Musique-Push Push In The Bush,Voyage-..,Peter Jaques Band-Fire Night Dance,Village People-YMCA,Donna Summer -Mac Arthur park,Gonzales-Haven't stop dancin',Salsoul Orchestra-Magic Bird Of Fire,..,Edwin Starr-Contact,CD Band-Music Are You Ready,Macho-I'm A Man,Mantus-Dance Freestyle Rhythm,Sylvester-Dance Disco Heat.

Side B: (6:10) This side contains the 12" version of " The Originals-Down To Love Town".




This mix was issued on several labels (see scans).
The one which mention "made in France" is also issued as red vinyl copy.

Side A and B same mix: (15:30)
The mix contains songs from 1976 to 1977,this mix has more overlappings of songs.Here are the songs i recognize: Cerrone-Sweet Drums / T Connection -Do What You Wanna Do / Softones-That Old Black Magic / T Connection -Do What You Wanna Do/ Larry Page Orch-Erotic Soul / Vamps-Disco Blood / Vicky Sue Robinson-Hold Tight / Mike Theodore Orch-The Bull /Santa Esmeralda-Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood / Andre Gagnon-surprise /T Connection -Do What You Wanna Do/ Cerrone-Love In C Minor / Back Light Orch-Touch Me Take Me /Cerrone-Love In C Minor / Donna Summer-Now I Need You / Giorgio Moroder-Faster Than The Speed Of Love / Meco-Star Wars Theme / Celi Bee-Superman / Macho-I'm A Man / Soul Train Gang-My Cherie Amour /Michael Zager Band-Let's All Chant / Bruce Johnson-Pipeline / D D Sound-Disco Bass / Cerrone-Supernature / Donna Summer-Now I Need You / Utopia-Me Giorgio / Donna Summer-I Feel Love / Cerrone-Supernature /Kaygees-Celestrial Vibes/Chic-Dance Dance / Bee Gees-You Should Be Dancin / Village People-Macho Man / Chic-Dance Dance/ Montreal Sound-Music / Crown Heights Affair-Dancin' / Donna Summer-Working The Midnight Shift / Donna Summer-Faster And Faster To Nowhere / Love And Kisses-Accidental Lover /Munich Machine-Get On The Funk Train / Michelle-Disco Dance / Claudia Barry-Sweet Dynamite / Anthony White-Block Party.


-Survive Mix / Deadly Medley:


The yellow Survive mixer is issued with two different mixes, so when buying it, it has the Survive mix or the deadley medley.
So you can have:
Number :510 - A remix of the song "I Will Survive " from Gloria Gaynor mixed with the famous beat of T Connections-At Midnight.

-Dedley Medley by John Morales:
One sided: (9:12) This mix contains the following songs:Dan Hartman-Instant Replay,Musique-InThe Bush,Karen Young-Hot Shot,Evelyn King-Shame,Rick James-You And I,Taste Of Honey-Boogie Oogie,Village People- Y.M.C.A,.,Musique-Keep On Jumpin,Tasha Thomas-Shoot Me,..,..,Tasha Thomas-Shoot Me,Boney M-Nightflight To Venus,.,Chic-Le Freak,.,.,.,Chic-Le Freak,Gene Chandler-Get Down.

Back side has a nice patern.
The white label deadley medley is also issued with the same patern on the b-side (so it could be pressed in the same place).
Label says Volume 2, but on the record is only the deadley medley volume 1.
Volume 2 is only issued on Acetate.


-Hollywood remix:


Side A:Hollywood Remix (DM 5001 A time 4:15)
This is the same mix as Hollywood 1 Acetate on Sunshine Sound (short version-see also hollywood section)

Side B:Trammps Medley(DM 5001 B time -18:05)
This is the same mix as the one on the Sunshine sound 12" acetate and contains all the hits of the trammps.


-Village People/Hollywood 2:


This is a very rare copy, because on the A side it has the hollywood 2 and on the B side there is a Village People medley.

Side A:Hollywood 2 This is the same mix as Hollywood 2 (see also hollywood section)

Side B:Village People Medley This mix contains all the hits of the Village People.