The CS series was first issued in 1980 and the last one in 1984 .The serie consists of 1 official and 15 bootleg records.CS productions was founded by two guys in Germany.
All records were pressed in Germany.
Due to safety reasons the label-design changed dramatically over the years.CS stands for the initials of the two people who founded the label.
All the mixes are quality mixes and the first parts are some tracks coppied from the disconet records.
The first 8 parts were mixed by mainley Dutch Mixers.
After that most of the mixes were made in Germany by one of the founders of the label.

-CS 3001

The CS3001 was issued in 11/1980 and pressed were 260 copies .

Side A:Donna Summer/Patrick Cowley:I Feel Mega Love (15:43)

Side B:Master Medley/Disconet Volume 3,Program 12 (11:12) with the following songs:
Queen-Another ones Bites The Dust,Stacey Lattisaw-Dynamyte-Jump To The Beat,Michael Jackson-Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough,Change-Lover's Holiday,Ike Turner-Party Vibes,SOS Band-Take Your Time,Crown Heights Affair-You Gave Me Love,Lipps-Funky Town,Micheal Zager-Let's All Chant,Diana Ross-The Boss,The Brothers Johnson-Stomp,Curtis Blow-The Breaks,Kano-I'm Ready,Dan Hartman-Instant Replay,The Jacksons-Walk Right Now,Freddie James-Get Up And Boogie,Gonzalez-Haven't Stop Dancin' Yet,Lipps Inc.-Rock It,Chic-Everybody Dance,Bonnie Pointer-Suger Pie Honey bunch,Watson Beasley-Breakaway,Peaches And Herb-Shake Your Groove Thing,John Davis-Aint That Enough For You.

And another song:
Stephanie Mills-Put Your Body In It ( 6:00 ) 12" version

-CS 3002

The CS3002 was issued in 02/1981 and pressed were 1.000 copies.
CS3002 was released with a "DJ-News" Info Flyer.

Side A:Disco Breaks 3 (13:43) with the following songs:
This mix is made by the dutch Peter Slaghuis (the follow up from disco breaks 1 and 2)
Fenderalla-A Wild And Crazy Song,..,Kebekelektrik-War Dance,Abba-Lay All Your Love On Me(disconet remix),Carol Jiany-..,Lime-Your Love,..,Grace Jones-Strange I've Seen That Face Before,..,Easy Going-I Love You,Abbe-You Make It Hard To Love Me,Lime-You're My Magican, Salazar-1-2-3, Jacksons-Can You Feel It ,Carol Douglas-My Simple Heart, 202 machine-Get Up,Frankie Smith-Double Dutch Bus,Strikers-Body Music,Whispers-I Can Make It Better,Barbara Roy-If You Want Me,KID-Don't Stop,Nightlife Unlimeted-Give Me The Night,Gino Soccio-Try It Out,Change-Paradise.

Side B: The 1980 CS Top Tune Medley with the following songs:
Visage-Mind Of A Toy,Jacksons-Can You Feel It,Above And Beyond,Poussez-come On And Do It,Gary's Gang-Showtime,GQ-Disco Nights(Rock Freak),202 machine-Get Up,Macho-Not Tonight,Giorgio Moroder-e=mc,Freelife-Dance Fantasy,Foxy-Party Boys,Tempest Trio-Love Machine,Kat Mandu-Don't Stop Keep On,Sparks-Try Out For The Human Race-Beat the Clock,Dan Hartman-Instant Replay,Voyage-Kechak Fantasy,George Mcrea-Don't You Feel My Love,Ferrara-Love Attack,Salazar-1-2-3,Poussez-Never Gonna Say Goodbye,Mouzon's Electric Band-Everybody Get Down,Trax-Crusader,Lime-Your love,Nightlife Unlimeted-Disco Choo Choo,Cerrone-..,Lipps Inc.-Rock It,Amant-..,Nightlife Unlimeted-Love's In You,Straight Shooter-My Time Your Time,Visage-Frequence 7 with an endless end.

-CS 3003/ 4113

The CS3003 was issued in 04/1981 and pressed were 1000 copies.
CS3003 was released as No. 4113.

Side A: Lay All your Love On Me-Abba 7:50 ( taken from Disconet MWDN401)

Side B:Mega Love Trip 2- Donna Summer 17:14 ( slightly remixed from Disconet MWDN307)

-CS 3004/5224

The CS3004 was issued in 06/1981 and pressed were 500 copies.
CS3004 was released as No. 5224.

Side A :1.Pleasure Island-Paul Jabara
2.The White Shadow/Prism

Side B :1.Lime Remix 4:48
2. War Dance-Kebec Electric 8:19
3. Atomic Remix 8:42

-CS 3005

The CS3005 was issued in 07/1981 and pressed were 1.500 copies.
Side A:1.Soft Cell ,remix by C.S.Prod (8:30)
2.Mike Antony-Why Can't We Live Together (7:30)

Side B: I Feel Love (14:20) Mega Mix trip 3,remix by Patrick
Poussez-Come On And Do It, Donna Summer-I Feel Love(basic beat for whole mix), Earth Wind And Fire-Let's Groove, Poussez-Never Gonna Say Goodbye, Santa Esmeralda-..,Who's Who-Palace Palace,Poussez-Come On And Do It,Crystal And The Team-Won't You Dance With Me, Telex-Moscow Disco,Quick-Zulu, Patrick Cowley-Menergy, Harlow-Take Off, ?, Boystown Gang-Ain't No Mountain High Enough, ?, Revanche-New York City, Donna Summer-I Feel Love.

-CS 3006

The CS3006 was issued in 10/1981 and pressed were 600 copies.

Side A: 1.The Human Leage ( Extended Dance Mix ) Don't You Want Me/Love Action/Open Your Heart ( 10:30 )
2.Lectric Funk-Shanghaied ( 4:58 )

Side B: 1.Sparks-Tryouts For The Human Race/ Beat the Clock ( Remix ) ( 12:35 )
2.Lectric Funk-Sweet Sensation ( 5:48 )

-CS 3007

The CS3007 was issued in 12/1981 and pressed were 850 copies.

Side A:1.Poussez-Come On And Do It (10:30)
2.Manhattan Transfer-Twilight Zone (8:56)

Side B:1.Ferrara-Love Attack (12:35)
2.Savannah-Keep On Loving Me (7:45)

-CS 3008

The CS3008 was issued in 02/1982 and pressed were 800 copies.

Side A: 1.Jon And Vangelis Remix ( 5:40 )
2.Heaven 17 Remix ( 6:00 )
3.Foxygene Remix ( 5:35 )
4.Stevie Wonder Remix ( 4:45 )

Side B: 1.Norma Jean-High Society ( 5:45 )
2.Why Can't We Live Toghether ( 7:30 )
3.Six Million Steps-Rhani Harris ( 4:10 )
4.It's Time To Party ( 5:05 )

-CS 3009

The CS3009 was issued in 04/1982 and pressed were 1.000 copies.
CS3009 was released with a "DJ-News" Info Flyer.

Side A:The 1979 CS Top Tune Medley ( 22:53 )with the following songs:
Creme De Coca-Doin The Dog,Queen Samantha-Take A Chance,Leon Haywood-Don't Push It Don't Force It,Al Hudson-You Can Do It,Bruni Pagan-Fantasy,Skatt Bros.-Walk The Night,Stephanie-Mills-Put Your Body In It,Daryl Hall And John Oates-Running From Paradise,Duncan Sisters-Boys Will Be Boys,John Davis-Love Magic,Johnny Mathis-Gone Gone Gone,Jackie Moore-This Time Baby,Marilyn McCoo And Billy Davis Jr.-Shine On Silver Moon,Deniece Williams-I've Got The Next Dance,Teri De Sario-Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You,Carrie Lucas-Dance With You,Mouzon's Electric Band-Everybody Get Down,Poussez-Never Gonna Say Goodbye,Kat Mandu-The Break,Nightlife Unlimeted-Love Is In You,George McCrae-Don't You Feel My Love,Simon Orchestra-Mr. Big Shot,Slick-Sexy Cream,Machine-There But For The Grace Of God Go I,Front Page-Love Insurance,Bimbo Jet-Love To Love,Peter Jaques Band-Fire Night Dance,Revanche-Music Man, Peter Jaques Band-Walking On Music-Destination-Move On Up.

 Side B:Germany Calling (Deutsche Welle Mix) ( 20:50 )with the following songs:
Trio-Ich Lieb Dich Nicht,Falco-Der Kommissar,Fehlfarben-Ein Jahr (Es Geht Voran),Altered Images-See Those Eyes,Spider Murphy Gang-Skandal Im Sperrbezirk,Rheingold-Fan Fan Fanatisch,Hubert Kah-Rosemarie,Extrabreit-Gluck Und Geld,Ideal-Eiszeit,Nichts-Radio,Human Leage-Don't You Want Me,Human Leage-Do Or Die,Kraftwerk-Das Model,Ton Band-Germany Calling.


Here is a scan of the test pressing of CS 3009.


-CS 3010

The CS3010 was issued in 07/1982 and pressed were 1.000 copies.
CS3010 was released with a "DJ-News" Info Flyer.

Side A:The CS Top Tune Medley 1/82 (18:54 )with the following songs:
Nanette Garcia-Don't Turn Your Back On Me,Sharon Brown-I Specialize In Love,Patrice Rushen-Forget Me Nots,Chas Jankel-Give Me Something,Michelle Wallace-Tee's Right,Chas Jankel-Glad To Know You,Karen Silver-Clean Up Woman,Sinnamon-Thanks To You,Gwen Guthrie-It Should Have Been You,Gino Soccio-It's Alright,Yazoo-Situation,Yvonne Elliman-Love Pains,Gary Low-You Are A Danger,Risque-Girls Are Back In Town,Viola Wills-Stormy Weather,Bananarama & Fun Boy Three-Really Saying Something.

Side B:Up Tempo Mix (New Wave Mix) ( 17:35 )with the following songs:
Talk Talk-Talk Talk,Grauzone-Film 2,1 ere Classe-Poupee Flash,B. Movie-Nowhere Girl,A Flock Of Seagulls-I Ran, A Flock Of Seagulls-Space Age Love Song,Classix Nouveaux-Because You're Young, A Flock Of Seagulls-Windows, A Flock Of Seagulls-Modern Love Is Automatic,Thomas Dolby-Europa And The Pirate Twins.

-CS 3011


The CS3011 was issued in 02/1983 and pressed were 90 copies.
CS3011 was released with a Black/white texturet label with no data on it.

Side A: 1.Good To Me-THP
2. Fly Too High-Janis Ian

Side B: 1.House Of The Rising Sun-Hot R.S.

-CS 3012

The CS3012 was issued in 07/1983 and pressed were 550 copies.
CS3012 was released with a blanc label on Side B (Problem during Rec.-Print).
CS3012 was released with a "DJ-News" Info Flyer.

Side A:The CS 1983 Top Tune Medley with the following songs:
Cheri-Working Girl,Elektric Mind-Can We Go,Eddy Trauba & MM Greco-Maccaroni Radio,Montana Sextet-Who Need's Enemies,Chinese Revenge-Koto,Cori Josias-Takin' It Straight,Shirley Lites-Meltdown Mix,Fun Fun-Happy Station,Mr. Master-A Dog In The Night,First Light-A.M. (19:25)

Side B:CS 78/79 Top Tune Medley with the following songs:
Dynasty-I Don't Want To Be A Freak,Flakes-Sugar Frosted Lover,Patrick Juvet-Lady Night,Paul Jabara-Pleasure Island,Sparks-Beat The Clock,Three Deegrees-Jump The gun,Free Life-Dance Fantasy,The Jacksons-Shake Your Body,Fat Larry's Band-Looking For Love,Melba Moore-Pick me Up I'll Dance,Sarah Dash-Sinner Man,Busta Jones-Dancing All Over The World,Venus Dodson-Night Rider,Real Thing-Can You Feel The Force,Erotic Drum Band-Love Disco Style.(22:00)

-CS 3013

The CS3013 was issued in 09/1983 and pressed were  700 copies.
Side A:Funky Party Time :(17:50)
The mix contains the the following songs:Beautiful Ballet-Energy, Tony Mc.Kenzie-Ha Chica,Kayagogo-Too Shy,Heaven 17-Let Me Go,Tomson Twins-Love On Your Side,I Level-Minefield,Docters Cat-Feel The Drive,Hot Streak-Body Work,Rhetta Hughes-Crisis,Unique-What I Got Is What You Need,Freez-I.O.U.,Ryan Parris-Dolce Vita.

Side B:Disco Magic Time :(22:30)
The mix contains the the following songs:Instant Funk-I Got My Mind Made Up,Bob McGilpin-Sexy Thing,Trussel-Love Injection,Love Deluxe-Here Comes That Sound,Rose Royce-Is It Love Your After,Ray Martinez-Lady Of The Night,Baby O-In The Forrest,Sassy-Theme From Disco 77,Poussez-Never Gonna Say Goodbye,France Joli-Come To Me,Musique-Love Massage,Jessica Williams-Queen Of Fools,Nightlife Unlimeted-Disco Choo Choo,Plastic Surprise-Disco Express,The Salsoul Orchestra-Magic Bird Of Fire.

-CS 3014

The CS3014 was issued in 11/1983 and pressed were 600 copies.
CS3014 was Issued as a fake Disconet MWDN608.
CS3014 was released with a fake "Disconet DJ-News" Info Flyer.

Side A: 1.Never Gonna Say goodbye - Poussez (Disconet full length remix)
2.Love's Gonna Find You - Judy Clayton.

Side B: 1.The 1983 Disconet Top Tune Medley
2. Hollywood 5

-CS 3015

The CS3015 was issued in 03/1984 and pressed were 800 copies.
CS3015 was Issued as a fake Disconet MWDN710.

Side A: The 1984 Disconet Top Tune Medley

Side B:1. Love Dancin'/ Touch Me In the morning - Marlena Shaw
2. Was That All It Was - Jean Carn