Canadian Medleys Part 2


Side A and B: Both sides same medley (time 12:00).
Tracklisting: Sharon Brown-I Specialize, Immagination-Burnin Up, Whispers-In The Raw, Skyy-Let’s Celebrate, Style-Movin On, Chas Jankel-Glad To Know You, Kleeer-Taste The Music,T Conection-At Midnight(beat), ?, J.R. Funk-Feel Good Party Time, ?, Was Not Was-Tell Me That I’m Dreaming, Felix And Jarvis-Flame Thrower Rap,Tom Tom Club-Wordy RrappingHood.


Side A and B: Same medley on both sides (8:10).
The whole mix has a echo-flanger effect, ?, Carry Lucas-Keep On Dancin, Lipps Inc. -Rock It, ?, American Gypsy-I'm Ok-You're Ok, Debbi Jacobs-High On Your Love,Two Tons Of Fun-I Got The Feeling, ?, Aurra-When I Come Home, ?, Denise Lasalle-Try My Love, ?, Mouzon's Electric Band -Everybody Get Down, ?, Kano-It's A War, Foxy-Party Boys, Kano-It's A War, Foxy-Party Boys.


Side A and B: Same medley on both sides (16:30).
The basic beat of the whole mix is based on the song "Trio-Da Da Da"
Trio-Da Da Da, Boys Town Gang-Can't Take My Eyes Of You, Lisa-Jump Shout, ?-Gloria, Patrick Cowley-Megatron Man, ?, Sharon Redd-In The Name Of Love,Trio-Da Da Da.


Side A: Dynasty.
Joe Jackson-Steppin' Out (Basic beat for the whole mix), Rod Steward-Tonight I'm Yours, Rod Steward-Young Hearts,Toni Basil-Hey Mickey, B 52's-Party, Hall And Oates-Maneater, Phil Collins-You Can't Hurry Love,The Pointer Sisters-I'm So Exited.

Side B: Le Mirage. 
This side contains two songs:Lynn Colins-Think and James Brown-Sex Machine.

-LET’S DO IT Alto Passion AL 1001

Michel Gendreau: Montreal Club DJ and Radio & TV Musical Director was one of the main creators of the famous disco mix-Let's Do it.

Here is the story behind it: A guy named Michel Ali brought a tape with a mix one night at the club where Michel was spinning.
After listening to it the splices were not that great, the sound was uneven, the records were old and full of noise. It needed to be cleaned up but Michel saw the potential.

So the whole medley was redone from scratch with Michel's records and a third guy named Paul Richer who was a great splicer. The medley was created in two parts.

The first part that was redone was the original beatles medley that started with 'Video killed the radio star' and then eventualy finished with  the Beatles songs. The second part was the intro and finish of the medley.
The idea was get the  patrons on the dance floor with popular disco hits of the moment and mix in the 10" tape that was used when they started playing it(no bootleg yet).
There was no pitch on the reel to reel so Michel ajusted the pitch on his turntable that was playing one of the intro songs(funkytown was a sure bet).
So the medley could be introduced smoothly and people would just continue dancing on the old beatles songs.
No DJ's in clubs in Montreal were playing old Beatles songs in 1979 so this was a high risk decision to test this medley.
As for the ending *The JB's was a big hit in Montreal at that time so if they lost the patrons on the beatles songs they could get them back on ot the dance floor with the JB's.
Michel did not want to take any chances, but history has proven that this was a fantastic medley one of the rare bootlegs that was used to create a commercial success(Stars on 45).

Some people asked Michel to add more Beatles songs in the medley but he always refused and to this day says that the original mix is still the best one out there.

Here is the picture of the tape recorder that the mix was made on:
(Picture 3.2-1000)

The very first pressing was the one on the Alto passion label:.
Side A and B: Both sides same medley (16:21).

Ritz-I Wanna Get With You, Madness-One Step Beyond, Young And Company-I Like What You Are Doing To Me, Gap Band-Baby Baba Boogie, Lectric Funk-Shanghayed, Kano- Its A War-, Spinners-Cupid-Working My Way Back, Gino Soccio-Dancer, Sparks-Beat The Clock, Carrie Lucas-Keep On Dancin', Lipps Inc.-Funky Town, Heatwave-Boogie Nights, GQ-Disco Nights, SOS Band-Take Your Time , Buggles-Video Killed The Radio Star, Shocking Blue-Venus, Archies-Sugar Sugar, ?, Beatles-No Reply-Drive My Car-Do You Want To Know A Secret-You’re Going To Loose That Girl-Nowhere Man,4 Seasons-Cherry, Everly Brothers-Cathy’s Clown, Neil Sedaka-Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Roy Orbison-Only The Lonely, Penny McLean-Lady Bump, Wings-Silly LoveSongs, Martha & The Vandellas-Jimmy Mack, Fortunes-Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again, Brian Hyland-Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie, Ringo Starr-The No No Song, ELO-Last Train To London, ?, Fred Wesley And The JB's-Doing It To Death.


Side A: Let's Have Some Music Now (13:20).
Gap Band-Burn Rubber , Blondi-Rapture, Police-?, Blondi-Heart Of Glass, Sly And The Family Stone-Thank You for Let Me Be Myself, Jimmy Bo Horne-Spank, ?, Wild Cherry-Play That Funky Music, Ohio Players-Fire, KC And The Sunshine Band-Dance-That's The Way i Like It-Get Down Tonight,The Bombers-The Mexican, Bell And James-Livin' It Up (Friday Night), Roxy Music-Love Is A Drug, ?-Love Is Like Oxygen, ?, GQ-Disco Nights, Boney M-Do You Wanna Bump, Boney M-?, CJ And Company-Devils Gun, Donna Summer-I Feel Love, ?., Lipps Inc.-Funky Town, Kiss-I Was Made For Loving You, Deep Purple-Woman From Tokyo, ?, Incredible Bongo Band-Bongo Rock.

Side B: Hands Up  (9:16).
This side contains a Police mix with the songs:Don't Stand So Close To Me, Do Do Do Da Da, Message In A Bottle, and many more songs.
Picture 3.2-33


Side A: Live Fantasies (11:50).
Earth Wind And Fire-Fantasy, Juny Boom-Rules Of The Game, Donna Summer-Love To Love You Baby, Love Unlimited-Love Theme, Funk Machine-Dance On The Groove, Madleen Kane-You Can, Earth Wind And Fire-Fantasy, Gwen Mcrea-Rockin Chair, Claudia Barry-Love For The Sake Of Love, Grace Jones-La Vie En Rose.

Side B:Fantasies Remix(6:29)
This is a remix of the song:Fantasy By Earth Wind And Fire


Side A:(12:00)This side contains a remix of the Disconet version of ABBA-Lay All Your Love On Me.
The remix is made by Peter Slaghuis from The Netherlands.

Side B:
First track:
Abba-Lay All Your Love On Me, Ferara-Love Attack, Peter Brown-Cranck It Up, Jackson's-Shake Your Body, Bombers-Get Dancin', Destination-Move On Up, Kelly Marie-It Feels Like I'm In Love, Salsoul Orchestra-Magic Bird Of Fire, Abba-Lay All Your Love On Me, ?, Nightlife Unlimited-Disco Choo Choo, Rick James-Give It To Me Baby, ?, Sparks-Beat The Clock (drums), Lime-Your Love, Abba-Lay All Your Love On Me, Boys Town Gang-Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Salsoul Orchestra-Magic Bird Of fire, ?

Second track:A dub version of the track:Peter Tosh and Mick Jagger-Don't Look Back.


Side A: One sided medley.
It's a strange mix in the same style as the All New Disco Wavers mix.
Here are some tracks i recognize: ?-Peter Gunn Theme, ?-Batman, ?
Picture 3.2-56


Side A: Pet Shoeybone.
?, Janet Jackson-What Have You Done For Me Lately, Nicole-Don't You Want My Love, ?-Peter Gun Theme, Art Of Noise-Beatbox, ?, E G Daily-Say It Say It, ?, Colonel Abrams-I'm Not Gonna Let, ?-Boogie Nights.

Side B: Rare Fantasy.
Earth Wind And Fire-Fantasy, Juny Boom-Rules Of The Game, Donna Summer-Love To Love You Baby, Love Unlimited-Love Theme, Funk Machine-Dance On The Groove, ?., Earth Wind And Fire-Fantasy, Gwen Mcrea-Rockin Chair, Claudia Barry-Love For The Sake Of Love, Grace Jones-La Vie En Rose.
Picture 3.2-57


Side A and B: Both sides same medley-mixed by Pierre Marchand (12:15).
She Can’t Love You-Chemise, Don’t Stop-Firefly,Thank You-Judy B, Erreur Erotique-Fric, Love Is Just A Game-Judy B, Pop Corn-Pop Cycles, I Wanna Dance-Kat Mandu.


Side A:Relo Dance-(1).
Track 1:Wham Mix (10:26):
The Mix contains several Wham hits from the beginning (Club tropicana, Etc)

Track 2:Chaka Khan Mix (8:42).
Tracklisting: This Is My Night, Ain't Nobody, I Feel For You, Eye To Eye.

Side B:Relo Dance-(2)(18:00).
Robey-One Night In Bancock, Valeri Dore The Night, ?, Nuance-Loveride, Bar Kays-Sexomatic, ?-Dancing Under Fire, Gayle Adams-I'm WarningYou, Jellybean And Madonna-Sidewalk Talk, Dan Hartman-We Are The Young, Dazz Band-Let It All Flow, ?.

-ROLLO RECORDS-Medley Of Hits rock and roll PI-023

-ROLLO RECORDS-Punk Force Medley PI-001

Side A: One sided medley.
Madness – One Step Beyond, The Cure – I Dig You, Lene Loviche – Lucky Number, New Musik – Straight Lines, New Musik – Living By Numbers, Teenbeats – I Can’t Control Myself, Blondie – Call Me, Sparks – Noisy Boys, The Cure – Grinding Halt, The Cure – 10-15 Saturday Night, Macho – I’m A Man, Puzzle – Week-End Rock, Sweet – Ballroom Blitz, B-52’s – Planet Claire  (Complete)


1981-Stack O Track records  PL 12-001
Medley of the Beach Boys.


Side A: Steppin Out (10:17).
Fenderella-A Wild And Crazy Song, ?, Fern Kinney-Groove Me, Kool And The Gang-Good Time, Evelyn King-I'm In Love, Woods Empire-Sweet Delight, France Joli-Gonna Get Over You, Vinzee-Funky Bebop, Human Leage-Hard Times, Webster Lewis-Welcome Aboard, BB&Q Band-On The Beat, Rick James-Give It To Me, Ronni Griffith-Desire, Bohannon-Let's Start To Dance, ?-The Woman In Me, Voggue-Dancin The Night Away, ?,The Jacksons-Can You Feel It.

Side  B: Loving Just For Fun (9:28).
( Shock-Angel Face is the basic beat for the whole mix ), Ronnie Griffith-Desire, Kelly Marie-It Feels Like I'm In Love, Lio-..Solitaire,  ?, Penny Mclean-Lady Bump, Manu Dibango-Soul Makossa, KID-Don't Stop, Carol Jiany-Hit And Run Lover, Ended by an unkown rock song.


This Mix was isued with two different label colours (White label with red text and white lable with blue text).
Side A and B: Both sides same medley (29:45).

Evelyn Thomas-High Energy, ?-Standing In The Shadows Of Love, George Kranz-Din Daa Daa, ?, Alphaville-Big In Japan, ?, Shannon-Give Me Tonight, Alisha-All Night Passion.


Side A and B: Both sides same medley (13:22).
Tony Baxter-Screamin, Ronni Griffith-Best Part Of Breaking Up, ?, Kraftwerk-Numbers, Depeche Mode-I Just Can't Get Enough, Was Not Was-Out Come The Freaks, Stone-Time,Tompson Twins-In The Name Of Love, ?,Trammps-Disco Party, ?, O Jays-I Love Music, ?, Ritchie Family-Best Disco In Town, ?-Reach Out, ?-What Kind Of Song Is This.


This mix was made by Michael Münzing in 1983, he was DJ at Dorian Gray in Frankfurt.
So this one was not made in Canada.

Side A: (19:07).
Track 1: Tracklisting:
 ?, MDMC-How About It, ?, Pointer Sisters-Automatic, ?
Track 2:Has a remix of the song:Good To You -THP

Side B: (30:58).
Track 1:
SOS Band-Just Be Good To Me, Love Bug Starski-You Gotta Believe, Grandmaster Flash With Melle Mel-White Lines, ?,Time Bandits-Only Shooting Love, ?
Track 2:
 ?-Replay, Miquel Brown-So Many Men, ?, Rhetta Hughes-Angel Man, ?
Track 3:Has a remix of the song:Telex-Moscow Disco.


Side A: Part 1 (11:58).
Blondie-Rapture, ?, Diana Ross-Upside Down, ?., ?, Firefly-Love, KID-Don't Stop, Gino Soccio-Try It Out, Change-Paradise, ?, Ronni Griffith-Desire, Carol Douglas-My Simple Heart, Kool And The Gang-Celebration, GQ-Disco Nights(Rock Freak), James Brown-Body Heat, Rick James-Give It To Me Baby, SOS Band-Do It Now.

Side B: Part 2 (20:30).
Kelly Marie-It's Feel Like I In Love, Frankie Smith-Double Dutch Bus, Lime-You're My Magican, ?, Carol Jiany-Hit And Run Lover, Free Life-Dance Fantasy, ?,202 Machine-Get Up (Rock Your Body), Vogue-Dance The Night Away, ?-The Woman In Me, B B And Q Band-On The Beat, Playback-Space Invaders, Lipps Inc.-Funky Town, Donna Summer-Bad Girls(Toot Toot), ?, Donna Summer-I Feel Love, Rick James-Super Freak, ?, Lime-Your Love,?,Tantra-Hills Of Kat Mandu, Kat Mandu-The Breaks.


Side A: This is a new wave /rock mix.

Side B: The first part is a new wave /rock mix and than start with a disco mix with a french voice through the mix.

(after the new wave part )Queen-Another One Bites The Dust, Billy Ocean-Stay The Night, SOS Band-Take Your Time, Young And Company-I Like What Your Doing To Me, Raydio-It's Time To Party Now, Glen Addams Affair-It's Just A Groove, Geraldine Hunt-Can't Fake The Feelin, Dynasty-Do Me Right, George Benson-Give Me The Night, Diana Ross-Upside Down, Queen-Another One Bites The Dust.


Side A and B: Both sides same medley.
Flakes-Sugar Frosted Lover ( This beat is the background beat for the complete mix )Lou Rawls-You'll Never Know,?, Denise Lasalle-Try My Love,?, Change Paradise, France Joli-Gonna Get Over You, Lipps Inc.-How Long, Lime-You're My Magican, Carol Jiani-Hit And Run Lover, Rick James-Give It To Me, Evelyn King-I'm In Love, Frankie Smith-Double Dutch Bus,?,Tom Tom Club-Wordy Rappinghood, Lyn Collins-Think(complete  song).


Side A and B: Both sides same medley (9:47).
(the basic beat for the whole mix is:Shock-Angel Face ), Ronni Griffith-Desire, Kelly Marie-It Feels Like I'm In Love, Lio-Solitaire, ?,Penny Mclean-Lady Bump, Manu Dibango-Soul Makossa, KID-Don't Stop, Carol Jiany-Hit And Run Lover, Ended by an unkown rock song.


Side A:
The Buggels-TV(Basic beat for the first part of the Mix),Timmy Thomas-Why Can't We Live Toghether, Immagination-Just An Illusion,Timmy Thomas-Why Can't We Live Toghether, Bazuka-Dynomite, BT Express-Express, Silver Convention-Get Up And Boogie, Sunshine Band-Black Water Gold, Kool And The Gang-Open Sesame, Sunshine Band-Black Water Gold, ?,Than the mix slow down and after that the mix continious with pop/new wave songs from around 82.

Side B:
A mix with "Twist " Rock and Roll songs.


Tracklisting:(one sided Mix)
Side A:
Unknown beat, Salsoul Orchestra-It's Good For the Soul, Donna Summer-Bad Girls,?, GQ-Disco Nights, Leroy Gomez-Get Up Boogie,?, Gino Soccio-Dancer,?, Gino Soccio-Dancer.


Side A:
Track 1:Nuclear Wave medley (15:24) The Mix contains the following songs:Intro,Kraftwerk-,?,Yazoo-Situation,?,Cameo-Funk Funk(spoken intro only),?,Soul Sonic Force-Planet Rock,Gino Soccio-Remeber,?,C bank-One More Shot,?,
Track 2:Tainted Love (4:31)-It's the song sung by a unknown artist for me.

Side B:
Track 1: Just A Little More (6:30)-It's the song sung by a unknown artist for me.
Track2: Flash Doll (4:45)-It's the song sung by a unknown artist for me.