Big Apple -Ouch


A lot of bootlegs medleys were copied from tapes recorded from radio shows or from acetates.
So the names on a medley are mostley never from the real creator of the mix.
There are two stories about the creators of the Big Apple 1.

The first story is about DJ Mikey D'Merola (the creator of the Bits and Pieces 1 and 2).
In a interview he mentioned that he made an acetate of his mix for use during his DJ gigs.
Than he told that someone pirated a copy and released it without giving Mikey any credit.

The second story is: Albert Cabrera and Tony Moran (The Latin Rascals) made a lot of mixes for the radio shows which were originally aired by WKTU in New York.
Somebody recorded it professionally and made a bootleg of it.
If you listen to the style of the mixes which are from Tony and Albert back then it will clearly state them as the creators of it.
It has all their trademarks in it.
I heared from someone who knows Albert, that he had seen the original mastertape of this one (Albert owns it, with the stickers still visible !).
I also heared the story that people who worked at the radio station copied the mixes on 1/4" tape and if the quality was high enough they provided them to the guys who presses bootlegs.

So with this information i'm personally for 100 % shure the mix was made by the Latin Rascals.
It could be that Mikey have been involved with pressing it on vinyl and took all the credit of it.
As far as i know, all the mixes crediting "Ser & Duff" were made by the Latin Rascals.

The second part on JT records (Original Big Apple II) is also credited to "Ser & Duff" and is also exactly in the Latin Rascals style.
JT Records stands for Julio and Tuta (the brazilian guys) bootlegs.


Side A and B have the same mix.
The mix contains the following songs:(12:06)Sharon Redd-Beat The Street,Heaven 17-Let Me Go,Rockers Revenge-Walkin' On Sunshine,Planet Patrol-Play At Your Own Risk,Modern Romance -Can You Move,Bohannon-Let's Start To Dance,Clash-Magnifecent Seven,Nancy Martin-Can't Believe,Pressure Drop-Rock The House,Soul Sonic Force-Planet Rock,Nairobi-Soul Makossa,Jonzun Crew-Pack Jam,Man Parrish-Hip Hop Bebop,D Train-Keep On,Barbara Norris-It's Heavy,Silver Convention-Get Up And Boogie (That's right),Aretha Franklin-Jump To It,Madonna-Everybody,Howard Johnson-So Fine,....,James Brown-Sex Machine,Rockers Revenge-Walkin' On Sunshine,Yazoo-Situation,Warp 9-Nunk,Contact-Edwin Starr,Yazoo-Don't Go,Videeo-Thang(Put That Record Back On),D Train-D Train Dub,Toney Lee-Reach Up,Michael Jackson-Don't Stop Until You Get Enough,Gap band-You Drop The Bomb On Me,Steve Miller-Abracadabra,ABC-The Look Of Love,Carol Jiany-..,Divine-Step By Step,Bobby O-She Has A Way,Paul Parker-Right On Target,Patrick Cowley-Megatron Man,Divine-Shoot Your Shot,Donna Summer-I Feel Love,Village People-YMCA,Ronni Griffith-The Best Part Of Breakin Up,Lime-Baby were Gonna Love Tonight,Patrick Cowley-Menergy,Sylvester-Do You Wanna Funk,Lime-.,.


Side A and B have the same mix.
The Mix contains the following songs:Attitude-We've Got The Juice,Michael Jackson-Billy Jean,Toney Lee-Reach Up,Man Parrish-Hip Hop Bebop,Attitude-We've Got The Juice,Angela Bofill-Too Tough,Bar Kays-She Talks To Me With Her Body,David Joseph-You Can't Hide,C bank-One More Shot,Visual-The Music Got me,ABC-The Look Of Love,Madonna-Everybody,Rockers Revenge-The Harder They Come,Patrick Simmons-So Wrong,Tomorrow's Edition-It's In The Groove,Eddy Grant-Electric Avenu,Class Action-Weekend,Trio-Da Da Da,Falco-Der Commissar,Gary's Gang-Keep On Dancin',D Train-Music,James Brown-..,Mary Jane Girls-Candy Man,Claudia Barry-Work Me Over,Julius Brown-Party.


Side A and B have the same mix.
The Mix contains the following songs:Human Leage-Fascination,Stevie Nicks-Stand Back,Hot Streak-Body Work,Shannon-Let The Music Play,Human Leage-..,Shannon-Let The Music Play,Freeez-IOU,....,Shannon-Let The Music Play,Grand Master Flash-White Lines,Madonna-Holiday,Paul McCartny-Say Say,Skyy-Show Me The Way,C Bank-Remember What You Like,Freeez-Pop Goes My Love,Garry's Gang-Making Music,C Bank-One More Shot,Eurythmics-Obsession,...,Put that record back on,Miquel Brown-So Many Man,Heazel Dean-Searching,...,....,....,Donna Summer-She works Hard For The Money,Michael Jackson-Beat It,...,...,...,...

-(Orig.)BIG APPLE PRODUCTION VOL.2 -First pressing

Label J&T Number:J&T-102 Year:1984
This mix is made by the Latin rascals.
The Mix contains the following songs:
Side A:(8:20)Intro,Davy DMX-One For The Trouble,Curtis Blow-The Breaks,Cheryl Lynn-Encore,Art Of Noise-Beatbox,Malcolm Mclarren ,CDIII -Get Tough ,Herbie Hancock-Rockit,Malcolm Maclaren-Bufalo Girls,Soul Sonic Force-Perfect Beat,...,Globe And Whiz Kid-Plat That Beat(with-Man Parrish-Hip Hop Bebop,Sharon Redd-Beat The Street,Bell And James-Livin It Up,Tramps-Disco,Julius Brown Party),Shannon-Let The Music Play,Freeez- I.O.U.,Newclues-Jam On It,Man Parrish-Hip Hop Bebop,Shannon-Let The Music Play,Break Machine-Street Dance,...,...,C Bank -One More Shot,...,....,...,John Rocca - I Want It To Be Real, Hashim-Al Naafiysh,Adams Family Theme,Loleatta Holloway-Crash Goes Love,Eddi B & Oscar T-Where's The Beef (during the mix several samples are played).

Bonus Beats:(1:15)Shannon-Give Me Tonight
Side B:...-Stone Fox Chase (Original)


Label J&T Number:JT-103 Year:1987
This mix is made by DJ DUKE a danish dj that moved to New York in 1988.
DJ Duke created the Big Apple Prodcution III while visiting and DJ'ing in Stockholm.When he returned to NYC while working at Downstairs records it was released. The main reason Duke made the mix was that most of the medleys at that time were disco and soul mixes and not much B-boy mixes and break beat mixes.

The Mix contains the following songs:
Side A:This is a mix with breakbeats and samples (8:00)Funky Four-The Mexican,Ester Williams-Last Night Changed It All,Brick-Dazz,Funkadelic-You'll Like It Too,James Brown-Funky President,Incredible Bongo Band-Appache,James brown-Give it Up Turn it loose,Babe Ruth-The Mexican,Bad Bascomb-Black Grass,The Mohawks-The Champ,La Pregunta-Shangri La,Pleasure-Let's Dance,John Davis Orhestra-I Can't Stop,Jimmy Castor Bunch-It's Just Begun,Fab Five Freddy-Change The Beat.(also included in this mix are the following artists:Bobby Byrd,Black Grass,Funky Corvettes, etc.)

Side B:-Trouble Funk-Pump Me Up (Album Version)(6:00)
-Janet Jackson-Thinking Of You(Remixed With Bootsy's-Body Slam)(8:40)


Label J&T Number:JT-104 Year:1989

Side A:This is a mix with breakbeats and samples (9:09)The first part has the beat from the Jungle Brothers-I'll House You with a lot of samples in it ,the second part has the beat of Inner City-Big Fun followed with a lot of samples from 1989 songs.

Side B:-Love Is The Message (Remix)(4:24)This is a remix of the song Love Is The Message from the group MFSB.

Label J&T Number:JT-105 Year:1991

-BIG APPLE PRODUCTION VOL.5 (different mix)

Label J&T   Number:JT-106  


(PS 001 to 003 are the three mixes on the stars label seperate on a record,with the same green text)

SIDE A :Big Apple Production-This is the same mix as the first mix on this page ( Big Apple Production Vol.1)

SIDE B :Mix 1:Home Boys .The Mix contains the following songs:Gap Band- Early In The Morning,Human Leage-Hard Times,Yazoo-Situation,Trio-Da Da Da,..-Right On Target,Gino Soccio-It's Alright,Sharon Redd-Beat The Street,Human Leage-Don't You Want Me,Jimmy Bo Horne-Spank,Nancy Martin-Can't Believe,Soul Sonic Force-Planet Rock,Carl Carlton-Baby I Need Your Lovin.

Mix 2:PS Connection .A mix with Patrick Cowley songs:Patrick Cowley-Going Home, Patrick Cowley-Megatrone Man,Patrick Cowley-Menergy,Sylvestor-Do You Wanna Funk,Patrick Cowley-Mind Warp,Patrick Cowley-Megatron Man,...,Paul Parker-Right On Target,Loverde-Die Hard Lover.



The Mix contains the following songs: Hot Streak -Body Work,Men Without Hats-Safety Dance,Herbie Hancock-Rockit,Malcolm Maclarren-Buffalow Girls,...,Culture Club-I Tumble For You?,Indeep-..,System-You Are In My System,...,One Way-Shine On Me,Charades-Give Me The Funk,Surface-Falling In Love,Whispers-Keep On Lovin' Me,David Bowie-Let's Dance,Narada Michael Walden-Reach,I Level-Minefield,....,Freez-I.O.U.,C Bank-Get Wet,Bohannon-Let's Start The Dance,Hot Streak -Body Work,Yazoo-Situation,Clubhouse-Do It Again,Irene Cara-What A Feelin',Shirley Lites-Heat You Up,Lime-Guilty,....,Aretha Franklin-Get It Right,....,Michael Jackson-Wanna Be Startin,Cybotton-Clear,Thomas Dolby-She Blinded Me With Silence,New Order-Blue Monday,Miquel Brown-So Many Men.


Big apple as Picture Disc:
In the same years also a picture disc was issued:
Side A:Big Apple 1 Mix

Side B:Home Boys Mix (see Ouch for tracklisting)

The same mixers (OUCH 1) were also issued on the Targa Label:
-Deep Down Inside/Dance On The Best Ever Made PS003

This is the same mix as-OUCH ( HOME BOYS / PS CONNECTION )PS004
Side A:Big Apple 1
Side B:Yazoo mix and Patrick Cowley mix

-Deep Down Inside/P.S.Connection PS003
Side A:Patrick Cowley mix (same as PS004)
Side B:Patrick Cowley-Going Home (12" version)