Bits And Pieces

These mixers were quality mixers in that time with good overlappings.Bits and Pieces 2 is my own favorite.The Disco 79 series has the same range of numbers JGL..


Year: 1979 Number:JGL-3711 Time:(18:53)
This mix is made by DJ Mikey D'Merola.
He also made the Bits and Pieces 2.

Side A and B has the same Mix and contains the following songs:Candi Staton-When You Wake Up,..,Al Hudson-You Can Do It,War-Galaxy,Gene Chandler-Get Down,Stephanie Mills-Put Your Body In It,Jacksons-Shake Your Body ,Love Deluxe-Here Comes That Sound,Jackie Moore-This Time,Black Ivory-Mainline,Antonio Rodrigez-La Bamba,John Davis-Love Magic,Donna Summer-Bad boys,Candido-Jingo,Ferrara-Wuthering Heights,Gino Soccio-Dancer,Harvey Mason-Groovin You,..,GQ-Disco Nights,..,Cissy Houston-Warning Danger,Poussez-Come On And Do It,Patrick Juvet-Lady Night,AKB-Stand Up Sit Down,Deniece Williams-I've Got The Next Dance,Ashford And Simpson-Found A Cure,Bonnie Boyer-Got To Give In To Love,Lax-Dancing At The Disco.

This medley is pressed on several labels:

This is a rare pressing and has the same label as the Bits And Pieces 1 mix.
It doesn't contain the same mix as on the Bits And Pieces 1 mix.

Side A contains two mixes .
Mix 1:
This mix contains the following songs:This Groove Is Bad-Skyy,M-Pop Muzik(Repeating during the whole mix),Charanga 76-No No Nos Paran,..,Love Deluxe-Here Comes That Sound,Mcfadden And Whitehead-Ain't No Stoppin Us Now,..,Donna Summer-Hot Stuff,Bohannon-..,Martin Circus-Disco Circus,Denise Lasalle-Freedom To Express Yourself,Donna Summer-Bad Girls.

Mix 2:
This mix contains the following songs:cerrone-Rock Me,Suzi Lane-Harmony,Kiss-I Was Made For Loving You,Sparks-Beat The Clock,Lectric Funk-Shanghaied,Debbie Jacobs-Don't You Want My Love,Ferara-Love Attack,The Ring Savage Lover,Donna Summer-Sunset People,Rosebud-Have A Sigar,Freddie James-Get Up And Boogie,Kat Mandu-The Break,...

Side B.
This mix contains the following songs:Rockets-Electric Delight,Uranium-Eleanor Rigby,The Beatles-Eleanor Rigby, The B-52's-Planet Claire,The Knack-My Sharona, Lene Lovich-Lucky Number, The B-52's-Rock Lobster.  



Year: 1980 Time:(16:15)

Side A and B has the same Mix and contains the following songs:Gayle Adams-Stretching Out,Jermain Jackson-Let's Get Serious,Stefani Mills-Put Your Body In It,The Salsoul Orchestra-Nice And Nasty, Fern Kinney-Groove Me,M-Pop Music,Rod-Shake It Up,Raydio-For Those Who Like The Groove,Instant Funk-I've Got My Mind Made Up,Trussel-Love injection,Bruni Pagan-Fantasy,Stacy Lattisaw-Dynamite,Teena Marie-Behind The Groove,SkattBross.-Walk The Night,Shalamar-Second time Around,Whispers-And The Beat Goes On,Instant Funk-Slap Slap Lickedy Lap,Change-Lovers Holiday,Crown Heights Affair-You Gave Me Love,Curtis Blow-The Breaks,Ann Margareth-Midnight Message,Inner Life-I'm Caught Up,Cheryl Lynn-Keep It Hot,Queen samantha-Take A Chance,Narada Michael Walden-I Should Have Love You,Young And Company-I Like What You Are Doing To Me,SOS Band-Take Your Time,Flakes-Sugar Frosted Lover,France Joli-Feel Like Dancin,SOS Band-Take Your Time,Donna Summer-Hot stuff,Lipps-Funky Town,Erotic Drum Band-Dance,Dan Hartman-Vertigo,Brothers Johnson-Stomp,Bobby Thurston-You got what it takes,Bohannon-Let's Start To Dance,..,Narada Michael Walden-Tonight I'm Alright,Foxy-Party Boys,Ray Martinez-The Natives Are Restless,Suzi Lane-Harmony,Duncan Sisters-Boys Will Be Boys,Sergio Mendes-I'll Tell You,Deniece Williams-I've Got The Next Dance,..,Mike Theodore-High On Mad Mountain,Change-It's A Girls Affair,Cerrone-Give Me ,Baby O-In The Forrest,Oddessy-Use It Up Wear It Out.

The Bits and pieces 2 is also issued in other labelcolors.Some of them got on the b-side no mix but the song:Sugar Daddy-Another One Bites The Dust (Rap) which was also issued on BC Records.



Side A and B has the same Mix and contains the following songs:Ritz-I Wanna Get With You,Madness-One Step Beyond,Young And Company-I Like What You Are Doing To Me,Gap Band-Baby Baba Boogie,Lectric Funk-Shanghayed, Kano- Its A War-,Spinners-Cupid-Working My Way Back,Gino Soccio-Dancer,Sparks-Beat The Clock,Carrie Lucas-Keep On Dancin',Lipps Inc.-Funky Town,Heatwave-Boogie Nights,GQ-Disco Nights,SOS Band-Take Your Time ,Buggles-Video Killed The Radio Star,Shocking Blue-Venus.

The mixer shown with white and red label stops here on both sides.

But there are more bootlegs witch are called BITS & PIECES 3 Which have the following songs after Shocking Blue:Archies-Sugar Sugar,....,....,Beatles-No Reply-Drive My Car-Do You Want To Know A Secret-You're Going To Loose That Girl-Nowhere Man,4 Seasons-Cherry,Everly Brothers-Cathy's Clown,Neil Sedaka-Breaking Up Is Hard To Do,Roy Orbison-Only The Lonely,Penny McLean-Lady Bump,Wings-Silly LoveSongs,Martha & The Vandellas-Jimmy Mack,Fortunes-Here Comes That Rainy day Feeling Again,Brian Hyland-Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie,Ringo Starr-The No No Song,ELO-Last Train To London,...,Fred Wesley And The JB's-Doing It To Death.

The mixer is issued under many other names and labels but it has always the title Let's Do It.



Side A and B has the same Mix and contains the following songs (Same mix as the Disconet 1982 Top Tune Medley-Mixed by Casey Jones)(19:26):Evelyn King-Love Come Down,Sharon Brown-I Specialize In Love,Vicky D-This Beat Is Mine,Patrick Cowley-Get A Little,D Train-Keep On,Rockers Revenge-Walking On Sunshine,Man Parrish-Hip Hop Be Bop,Sharon Redd-Beat The Street,Human Leage-Don't You Want Me,Yazoo-Situation,Paul Parker-Right On Target,Chas Jankel-Glad To Know You,Soul Sonic Force-Planet Rock,Planet Patrol-Play At Your Own Risk,Angela Clemmons-Give Me Just A Little More Time,Patrick Cowley-Megatron Man,Lisa-Jump Shout,Ronni Griffith-The Best Part Of breaking Up,Donna Summer-Love Is In Controll,Dazz Band-Let It Whip,Sylvester-Do You Wanna Funk,Lime -Come and get Your Love-Baby Were Gonna Love Tonite,Laura Branigan-Gloria,Viola Wills-Stormy Weather,The Weather Girls-It's Raining Men,Toni Basil-Hey Mikey.


The Bits and Pieces series were also issued until 1998 ( this is the last one i know ).
In the next section the scans of the later ones are shown.

In Italy bootleg remixes are made with the following JGL numbering:

-Syster Slege

Year 1979 Number:JGL-5211 Time:(8:40)

Side A and B has the same song: a stretched version of the song"Got To Love Somebody-Sister Sledge"

-Paul Sabue

Year 1979 Number:JGL-5213 Time:(7:45)

Side A and B has the same song:A remixed version of the song:Paul Sabu-Rocking Rollin' Disco King. Mixed with live audience.

-Medley Of The Hits Of 1979/Best Of 79 Medley

Year 1979 number:JGL-3714/Number B1-002 Time:(15:02)

Side A and B has the same Mix (This is a copy of the Disconet 1979 Top Tune Medley) and contains the following songs:Instant Funk-I Got My Mind Made Up,Love Deluxe-Here Comes That Sound,Jackie Moore-This Time,Suzi Lane-Harmony,Michael Jackson-Don't Stop Until You Get Enough,Gino Soccio-Dancer,Poussez-Come On And Do It,Bonnie Pointer-Heaven Must Have Sent You,Debbie Jacobs-Don't You Want My Love,Deniece Williams-I've Got The Next Dance,Poussez-Never Gonna Say Goodbye,Terry Desario-Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You,Kat Mandu-The Break,Machine-There But For The Grace Of God Go I,France Joli-Come To Me,Ferrara-Love Attack,Donna Summer/Barbara Streisand-No More Tears(Enough Is Enough).

-The Greatest Medleys

This medley is original on Disconet Volume 3 Program 3 (Bonus side 1) and Volume 8 Program 2.The medley is mixed by Bill Motley and Trip Ringwald

Side A and B has the same Mix:

The mix is a Supremes medley with the following songs:Stop In The Name Of Love(1965)-Back In My Arms Again(1965)-Come See About Me(1964)-Love Is Like Itching In My Heart(1966)-Where Did Our Love Go?(1964)-Baby Love(1964).

Here are scans of records with the same matrix number as the previous disco 79 records(not discomixes,but shown here because it is from the same series):

JGL 3712-it contains:punk 1980's :a punkwave medley with B-52's,Devo etc.

JGL 3713-it contains:Are You Ready-Billy Ocean(12" version) and some seperate new wave/rock songs.

JGL 3715-it contains a punk/new wave medley and some seperate songs.