New Yoyrk Scratchmasters-Scratch Party (Z-Rock)



Side A: One sided medley (9:16).
Laid Back-White Horse, Yes-Owner Of A Lonley Heart, The Deele-Body Talk, Rockwell-Somebody's Watching Me, Michael Jackson-Don't Stop Until You Get Enough-, Globe And Whiz Kid-Play That Beat, Art Of Noise-Beat Box, Davy DMX-One For The Trouble, Xena-On The Upside.(During the mix there is a lot of scratching of :Chic-Freak Out, Michael Jackson-Wanna Be Starting Something, and many more).


Side A: One sided medley.
Cameo-Strange, Malcolm McLarren And The World Famous Supreme Team-World's Famous, Art Of Noise-Beat Box, Evelyn King-Shake Down, Klymaxx-I Need A Man, ?, Hashim-Al Naayfish, Newclues-Jam On It, Orbit-The Beat Goes On, Midnight Starr-No Parking On The Dance Floor, Pretty Tony-Fix It In The Mix,.

After the mix a few samples (coldcuts) are heared:Good times, Jam On It, etc.


Side A: One sided medley (6:35).
As far as i know this was #3
Prince-When Doves Cry, Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger-State Of Shock, Sheila E-Glamerous Life, Isaac Hayes-Shaft, Divine Sounds-What People Do For Money, Curtis Mayfield-Suplerfly, Cherelle-I Didn't Mean To Turn You On, RJ's Latest Arival-Shackles.


Side A: One sided medley (9:02).
Whodini-Friends, Kurtis Blow-AJ Scratch, Kurtis Blow-Eight Million Stories, Dr.Jeckyl And Mr. Hyde-AM. FM, Fat Boys-Stick' em, Donald D-The Groove, Whodini-Five Minutes of Funk, Pumpkin-King of the Beats, Masterdon Committee-Funk Box.


Side A: One sided medley (9:50).
Beat Box acapella, Sylvester-Rock The Box, Section 25-Looking Over The Hilltop, Pretty Tony-Jam The Box, File 13-Taste So Good, Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock, Captain Rock-Captain Rock To The Future Shock, Kraftwerk- Numbers, Paul Hardcastle-King Tut, Debbie Deb-Lookout Weekend, David Van Tiegham-These Things Happen, Guru-Who U Stealin From, Mikki-Love Emergency, Hashim-Al Naafyish, Hashim-Were Rockin The Planet


Side A: One sided medley (6:16).
Aleem-Release Yourself, Michael Jackson-State of Shock, Mikki-Love Emergency,The Time-Jungle Love, Debbie Deb-When I Hear Music,The Future-Nuclear Holocoust , Newcleus-Computer Age, Invisible-Donkey Kong, Section 25-Looking Over The Hilltop ?(During the mix some samples and scratching).

Scratch party's:
The scratch party's 1 to 3 were mixed by Dj Yella of the World Class Wreckin Kru.


Side A: One sided medley (9:38).
Spyder D-Smurphies Dance, Malcolm McLarren-Hobo Sractch, Herbie Hancock-Rock It, Grandmixer DST-Crazy Cuts, M.C Frosty-Radioactivity Rap, Shannon-Let The Music Play, Midnight Starr-Electricity,Twilight 22-Electric Kingdom, Cybotron-Clear.
(During the songs a lot of scratching and samples).


Side A: One sided medley (8:57).
Art Of Noise-Beatbox-Close To The Edit, Malcolm Mclarren-Scratchin, Cameo-Strange, Glass-Bedrock, Newcleus-Jam On It, Globe And Whiz Kid-Play That Beat, Hashim-Al Naafiysh, Bar Kays-Freakshow On The Dancefloor  (During the songs a lot of scratching and samples)


Side A: One sided medley (7:19).
The VHB-Beethovens Fifth, Klinte Jones-In The Heat Of The Night, DJ Chuck Chill Out-Hip Hop On Wax vol.1, Jay Novelle-If This Ain't Love, Don't You Want To Be -Rama, Divine Sounds-What People Do For Money, Knights Of The Turntables-Techo Scratch,The Deele-Body Talk, Lakeside-Outrageous, Active Force-Rise Up, Dazz Band-Swoop(I'm Yours).(During the songs a lot of scratching and samples).

The Z Rock label issued from 1988 to 1991 scratch mixers and rhythm tracks.
The previous 3 on this page were issued between 1984 and 1986.

Z-Rock 1
Side 1:Underground Posse-Gangstar/Hype mix 1986(7:01) Vocal
NWA-Gangsta Gangsta, Ice T-I'm Your Pusher, K9 Posse - Ain't Nothin' To It, Ice T-G.L.G.B.N.A.F, James Brown-Funky Drummer, Public Enemy-Don't Believe the Hype, MC Hammer-Let's Get It Started, Salt & Pepa-Shake That Thing, True Mathematics-For The Money, Rick James-Loosey's Rap, Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock, MC Hammer-Let's Get It Started, Rockmaster Scott-The Roof Is On Fire, Vikki Love-Take A Chance, Janet Jackson-Nasty, MC Hammer-Pump It Up, Cybotron-Clear, Tone Loc-Wildthing, Hashim-AL Naafyish, She Rockers-Give It a Rest, Rockmaster Scott-The Roof (inst beats), Rodney O-Yeah Boy, Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock-It Takes Two, Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock-Get On The Dancefloor, Aleem-Release Yourself, Captain Rock - Captain Rock To The Future Shock, Big Daddy Kane-Raw, Bobby Brown-My Prerogative.
Side 2:Underground Posse-Gangstar/Hype mix 1986 (7:01) Instrumental,Drums
Z-Rock 002
Side 1:Techno Theory-Underground Posse 6:40)
Side 2: Techno Theory-Underground Posse (6:50) Instrumental,Drums and Bass
Z-Rock 003
Green Hornet-F-CK All Them Ho's 1986 (5:46)
No medleys on this part, only songs.
Z-Rock 004
Dope Side-Side 1:Master Mix 89-Underground posse (15:40)
Bonus FX
Freestyle Side-Side 2: Master Mix 89-Underground posse (14:30)
Z-Rock 005
No medleys on this part, only songs.
Side 1: Techno House-Renegade And Havic (5:40) Vocal
Side 2: Techno House-Renegade And Havic (5:40) Instrumental
Z-Rock 006
DJ Renegade-West coast all Stars 1989(6:00)
Z-Rock 007
Looney Tunes-Renegade-Let's Get Hyped 1989 (5:30)
No medleys on this part, only songs.
This one has two different artists:
Side A:Looney Toons-Let's Get Hyped
Side B:Renegade-Check This Out (The Mix-no mix but instrumental song)
Z-Rock 008
La Jive Rhythm Tracks &Break beats Volume 1
Side 1:Mr groove 111 BPM, Bears Beat 102 BPM,Backin Chains 112 BPM, Way Out(Non Sense) 106 BPM.
Side 2:Son Of X 126 BPM,J.B.Hip House 112 BPM,Cools Is Back 115 BPM,Stand By My Side 115 BPM and breaks and effects.
Z-Rock (part 9)
The first issues were mis-labled dj retangle, but were later fixed to dj rectangle when they were repressed.
Vanill Dope-The D.J.Retangle Mega E.P.
Side 1:Tangle Mix (6:40), Hip Hop Flow Mix (8:25), Everybody Dance (8:35).
Side 2:Knock You Out (9:15), Expression Mix (9:15)
Z-Rock (part 10)
Psycho House (9:00)
Psycho Beat (1:00)
Psycho FX, Samples and Loops
Z-Rock 011
No medleys on this part, only songs.
World Class Wreckin Cru
Side 1:Juice (6:29), Bit & Pieces, Surgery (7:02)-Vocal
Side 2: Juice (6:29), Surgery (7:02)-Instrumental
Z-Rock -no number
Side 1:Vanilla Dope-The DJ Retangle Mega EP.
Side 2:Vanilla Dope-The DJ Retangle Mega EP.