Legends of Vinyl:

-What is exactly the legends of vinyl:
Legends of Vinyl are a national institution providing global leadership in education, recognition and celebration of excellence in the art of creative spinning of record vinyl.  To this day, these Pioneer Legendary DJ's are still actively performing for large audiences and representing a very small and unique community of DJ's that are from that innovative era.  They are the originators, the springboards, of the art of spinning record vinyl that has laid the foundation and has paved the way for the latest and currently changing dance music avenues of today.  And to add to all of this, no two Legendary DJs from the Legends of Vinyl are alike with their innovative and creative spinning talents.
Each is his/her own Rembrandt.  All forms of dance music today, and without a doubt, has its roots tied to the Legends of Vinyl. For 40 years, the Legendary Pioneer DJ's have remained a constant in the art of remixing, remastering, engineering and producing the highest quality of music as you still hear it today.  Their ingenious work still heard and cherished all over the globe today as it was originally created on vinyl 12 and 7 pressings.    Legends of Vinyl is guided by prestigious, award winning and Hall of Fame DJ's, chaired by Luis Mario "Flaco" Orellana and Ray "Pinky" Velazquez.  The entity is also comprised of and supported by key figures from the DJ entertainment community.

The Haven, The Sanctuary, The Loft , the Salvation, the world renown Paradise Garage. Anyone who was part of the atmosphere and chemistry at any one or all of these historic dance clubs, own a nostalgic and emotional "take over" that they cannot describe in words alone. There have been books written about the early days that gave way to who The Legends of Vinyl are and if you read these books you will come to logic and understand the written text but can never explain nor come close to absorbing the emotional euphoria-the intense emotional high. To fully capture this experience you will have to come and hear and feel Legends of Vinyl - those classic club DJ's from that era who to this day "spin" vinyl just like it was performed in the early days of disco and dance.. The music is nothing like you've heard--underground, creative, melodic, sensual, driving, attitude, funk, high energy, all combined providing an emotional trip and to put in simple layman's terms-downright "nasty" at the same time.   
This is actual artistry and not just an evolving technology. The true artistry of spinning vinyl records; you have to be there hear it and watch the show created by the originators and absorb the emotional wisdom. Legends of Vinyl, the originators, the innovators, the turntable risk takers - the ones who started the party disco/dance movement that has evolved into a dance craze frenzy all over the globe and further directed and produced the fire of what has captured every form of dance in every medium today.
All dance roots have their humble beginnings tied to the Legends of Vinyl. The Untold Legacy World Tour is history in the re-making. Legends of Vinyl will rekindle an era of passion and emotion- and you will become part the bygone era with us from sundown to day break, recharge your batteries and come to the next gala event. Even the old club historians and aficionados will find this performance "trip" to be entertaining and memorable just to listen to and watch.
Disco balls, rubbish, the first lighting that was used for dancing in this era - psychedelic lighting, that's right , right out of the 60's, so if you think we're talking Saturday Night Fever - go back, way back---back into time! Where the only people that existed were Troglodytes (As Jimmy Castor would have said).   
As you listen and dance to The Legends of Vinyl you can hear how dance (pre-disco) music spawned and influenced the new forms of music that you hear today. Most of this music originated in 7 inch 45rpm vinyl track format.  Get ready for the Legends of Vinyl the Untold Legacy World Tour as history makes a full circle comeback!

World renowned legendary club spinners Luis Mario "Flaco" Orellana and Ray "Pinky" Velazquez will perform live on stage for huge concert audiences, all over the globe, along with other true legendary club DJs of the past, as a band of touring club djs---and are coming to your town.    
We would also like to thank the early music industry record label executives and promoters for the innovation of providing early and advance promotional test pressing and acetates of our great music library that continues to be part off the Legends of Vinyl world tour and to provide a special thanks to Mr Tom Moulton for his key and ingenious part in the evolution of the disco mix and production that has expanded and provided new life to dance floors everywhere.

-Who are the members:
Legends of VinylTM LLC
Founder and Chairman of the Board: Luis Mario Orellana Rizzo
CEO: Ray Pinky Velazquez.

Board of Directors:
Paul Casella
Al Magliano
Jackie McCloy
Bacho Mangual
Dan Pucciarelli
Frankie Sestito
John Ceglia
Ellen Bogen
Jimmy Yu

-Where can it be found on the net:  http://www.legendsofvinyl.com/

-How can people book the dj’s:
Legends of Vinyl is one of the most respected organizations in the world based upon the legitimacy and personal background from each of the thousands of members that belong to L.O.V.

Therefore as an agency we can book DJ’s by booking agents calling one of the offices 954-979-4493 or e-mail us at: legendsofvinyl@comcast.net