DJ Joe Damante

Interview with Joe Damante

-When did you discover disco music and how old were you:
In my early 20's I started going to clubs throughout New York: Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island. I always enjoyed most types of music but took a keen interest in disco music. In the beginning i was being showed the art of djing from a dear friend of mine and also legend of vinyl DJ MARK ZIMMER.

-Where did you buy your records, and were you member of a DJ record pool ?:

I obtained my records mostly from various record compaines throughout the united states and Europe and Canada. I was on all of their mailing lists. I also belonged to David Mancuso's record pool called 99 prince aka the loft and also on Eddie Riveria's IDRC list and went to some retail record stores like Downstairs Records and Rockin Soul. The record pools were a great source for the dj's back in the day we really did get some real good product i must say. The record companies were also very helpful to the djs. I made so many contacts from so many different labels and their promotion depts.

-In Which Disco’s did you DJ:

Back in the early 70's i started working in clubs and also was working under JD production which was my own mobile entertainment business.
Here is a list of some of the clubs i worked in
-Pappillons in long island
-Your Sisters

-Pips in Queens
-Buddies 2
-Gatsbys Roller Palace in Brooklyn.

-Any favorite club of those/Can you tell me some memories of your DJ nights in that disco period ?:
I must say i really enjoyed playing at the Roller Palace in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn it was pretty cool seeing all the skaters really getting down to the great tunes i was playing for them the dj booth was very elevated i had a great view of the rink and all the skaters.

In the clubs were different at times you always played to the crowds as a dj you always wanted that floor packed at all times.
On some nights breaking in new material was though but that depended on the crowd for that particular night.

-How did you find out about the existence of the disco acetates/did you also go to Sunshine Sound:
I  found out about sunshine sound from some of my dj friends and the pools.
I loved going there and never left empty handed. Some of my favorites were and still are and get much air time are Trammps medley and Teddy P medley, loved them both.
One night me and my friend dj Mark Zimmer went to meet Walter at his club back then called Galaxy 21 that was when Mark introduced me to Walter.
Walter was a very talented dj, his life was way too short, he had so much to offer.


-I saw you started DJíng when there were only 7 inches, did you extend the play using two 7 inches ?
Yes, I love all of my 45's have every one still. You sure did need two copies of each to make those 3-4 minute versions longer it was fun.
Quality wise not as good as the 12 inch.
My example was my good friend Mark Zimmer.

-Did you ever consider making your own edit’s and presses them on Acetate ?:
I never thought about doing edits, I just enjoyed mixxxxinnnn the vinyl.

-Do you still have all your records:

Today i still have approx 900-1100 12 inch and lps and some very old 78's glen miller etc big bands.

-Are you still DJ íng today:
At this time I am doing some mobile gigs and still love the music.
Patrick to be very honest with you there is nothing like the old school music 70-80-90"s   !!!