Disco Mix Club

DMC-Disco Mix Club

Remix service from the UK which still exists.
Fuelled by a team of people with twenty years commitment to the DJ industry DMC is manned by managers who either come from a DJ background or are passionate for dance music.

I first heared the mixes in 1983 on the radio at the Soul Show here in the netherlands.
DMC started first in Februar 1983 with cassette's.

Because there isn't much info on the web about the cassetes and a lot of people doesn't know the existance of the cassettes i show in this section the info about the cassetes.
I also show all the track info which was issued on that tapes.

There were 17 months of cassettes which consists each month of a cassette with mixes and one or more cassettes of previews (See tracklisting cassettes).

In July 1984 they left the cassettes and started issueing on vinyl.
There were one or more record with mixes and one or more records with previews.
Now are the main issues on CD.
On the cassettes were on the previews sometimes the long 12' or album versions.
On the vinyl previews were only edit or single versions.

First issue of DMC in February 1983

In the first months DMC was issued from one place in the UK:

A few months later DMC was also issued from a few countries in Europe:

The 18th issue of DMC was a set of vinyl records.
From that time all issues were on Vinyl.
From that time until now the cover changed each few years.

In 1986 they started a DJ mixing contest which still is held each year.
Started with mixing and a little bit of scratching, it is now scratching and turntable tricks and a little bit of mixing.

Winners each year:
1986 - DJ Cheese
1987 - Chad Jackson
1988 - DJ Cash Money
1989 - Cutmaster Swift
1990 - DJ David
1991 - DJ David
1992 - Rocksteady DJ's
1993/1994 - Dreamteam
1995 - Roc Raida
1996 - DJ Noize
1997 - DJ A-Trak
1998 - DJ Craze
1999 - DJ Craze
2000 - DJ Craze
2001 - Plus One
2002 - Kentaro
2003 - Dopey
2004 - I-Emerge
2005 - I-Emerge

Here is the first price from the 1988 championship:

There exist also bootleg records of the contest from 1987:

There exist also bootleg records of the contest from 1988:

For tracklisting of all casette issues and first vinyl issue in 1984 see next section.