Disconet was the first (or one of the first ) remix service started in 1977.
It ended in 1989.

All the records were numberd with a stamp see scan below.They were pressed in a limited quantity.

Here is a sign in form from 1984 from the netherlands.

This was the first issue Volume 1,Number 1

This was the last issue Volume 11 Program 13:


In 1978 they also started with medley's of artists:

The first medley was issued in 1978 as Volume 1 Number 7 called AUTOMATION 77-Top Tune/1977 Medley.

 It contains the following songs:Sassy -Theme From Disco 77 , Barry White -It's Ecstacy, Odyssey -Native New Yorker, Richie Family-Quiet Village,FirstChoice-Dr. Love,Celi Bee-Superman,Andrea True-NY You Got Me Dancing,Marvin Gaye -Got To Give It Up,Mike Theodore Orch-Cosmic Wind,Chic-Dance Dance Dance,Vickie Sue Robinson-Hold Tight,Hues Corp. -I Caught Your Act, CJ & Co.-Devil's Gun,Space -Carry On Turn Me On,Kebekelektrik -Magic Fly,Cerrone-Love In C Minor,Carrie Lucas-I Gotta Keep Dancin', Grace Jones -I Need A Man,The Trammps-Disco Inferno,Salsoul Orch -Magic Bird Of Fire.

Each recordset had a card were the DJ could give the rating of the songs on that set.
After returning the card the DJ could win a LCD chronograph(watch).
Here is a scan of a card:

Here are some pictures of the building were Disconet was situated:
(Taken in the last year they exist).


Some add's in disco magazines.

Add in disco magazine

Card attached to set (Volume 1 no. 12)

Two issues with remixes/medley from big disco hits.


Mike Wilkinson at a presentation.