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Disco Club From The Netherlands

A Book and Record club in the Netherlands (ECI) issued between 1983 and 1986 mixed samplers.
The mixers came from the surrounding of Rotterdam and Den Haag.
The Last Issue i know is part 10 from 1986.


-Disco Club 1:
Mixed By Ed Smit-1983
Side A:I Like Chopin-Gazebo,Get Up-Digital Emotion,Do It Again-Slingshot,Weekend-Class Action,You Are A Danger-Gary low.

Side B:Get ready-X Ray Connection,Let's Break-Master Genious,The boys Come To Town-Earlene bentley,Love Reaction-Divine,(How Can You make Me) Feel Better-Special Touch,To Sir With Love-Vicky S.Robinson.

-Disco Club 2:
Mixed By Ed Smit-1984
Catalog No:ECI-258250
Side A:T Shirts And Tight Blue Jeans,Midnight Sun-Mezzoforte,Girls-Dwight Thomson,Minute By Minute-Scooter,Watch Out-Doctor's Cat,On The Upside-Xena.

Side B: Humanity-Digital Emotion,Let's break Into The 80's-Mastergenius,Disco Samba-Two man Sound,You've Got To Move It On,Doctor's Orders-Maegan,Everlasting Love-Vicki Sue Robinson.

-Disco Club 3:
Mixed By Ed Smit-1984
Catalog No:ECI-258330
Side A:Matumbi-Last Funk,Video Kids-Woodpeckers From Space,Time-Selling Song,American Gypsy,The Champ,Eric-Boy Or Girl,The Bank-lay All Your Love On Me.

Side B:Local Boy,Thriller Medley With Owner Of A Loneley Heart,Hotline-Guilty,X Ray Connection-Escape From Space,Bianca Bonelli-Je Veux L'amour(Follow Me),Billy Preston-And dance,Reality-Circumstances.

Disco Club 4:
Mixed By Emiel Noordhoek and Peter Slaghuis-1984
Catalog No:ECI-258410
Side A:Midnight Maniac-DR.Groove,Steppin Out-Digital Emotion,All American Boy-Barbara Pennington, Black Leather-Miquel Brown,He Loves Me Not-Kim Fields.

Side B:Dr.DJ-Marsha Raven,After The Rainbow-Joanne Daniels,Let's Get Toghether-C.M.D.B,Theme From Shaft-Addy And The Soul Band,You're In My System-American Gipsy,That's Soul-Master Genious,Moscow-Question Mark

-Disco Club 5:
Mixed By Rob De Ruiter &Martin Vinke-1985
Catalog No:ECI-258580
Side A: Samantha Gilles-Let Me Feel it,Proof Of Energy-Energy Tonight,Blanc De Blanc-Get Ready,Ladies Army-Strange Affair,Earlene Bentley Featuring Sylvester-Stargazing,Rofo-I want You.

Side B: Vivien Vee-Americano,Camaro's Gang-Ali Shuffle,1000 Ohm-Love In Motion,Tempo Rubato-Don't Stop The Classics,American Gypsy-Rock The Street,Barbara Pennington-Way Down Deep In My Soul.

-Disco Club 6:
Mixed By Marc Hartman-1985
Catalog No:ECI-258660
Side A:Keep On Music-Danny Keith,Stay-Firefly,Do The rap-The Videokids,Fuerza major-Camaro's gang,Don't Stop The Classics-Tempo Rubato.

Side B:Play It On The Radio-J.J.,Since You came Into My Life-Glenda Peters,Welcome To Rimini-RIC Fellini,Running-Kasso,Time-Digital Emotion,Phase The Classcis-Tempo Rubato .

-Disco Club 7:
Mixed By Peter Slaghuis-1985
Catalog No:ECI-258740
Side A:Telephone-Style,Genie-B.B.&Q Band,Ballerina-Shanghai,Do The Dub-Videokids .

Side B:Sound of Rimini-Kasso,The World Turns On-Eddy & The Soul Band,No More No Mar-Mirage,Get Lost Tonight-Fancy,Reach Out I'll Be There-Digital Emotion,Time(Back in Time)-Digital Emotion,Fuerza Major-Camaro's Gang.

-Disco Club 8:
Mixed By Peter Slaghuis-1985
The artists on the cover doesn't appear on the record(see tracklisting).
Catalog No:ECI-258820
Side A:Love Is The Reason-John Mendes,Midnight Radio-Taffy,Future Brain-Den Harrow,Outside In The Dark-Digital Emotion.

Side B:Main Attraction-B.B.&Q Band,Set Me Free-Teen Rock,My Love-16K,Spank-Jimmy Bo Horne,Theme From Rocky-Round One,U Do Voodoo-Glenda Peters.

-Disco Club 9:
Mixed By Martin Vinke and Rob de Ruyter-1985
Catalog No:ECI-258890
Side A:X Ray Connection-Someone Must Cry,Den Harrow-Bad Boy,Videokids-Satellite,Camaro's-Companero,Patrick Colby-Mandrill.

Side B:Alan Barry-Come On,Taffy-I Love My Radio (Remixed Version),Gothcha-You're Wrong,Evelyn Thomas-Reflections,Glenda Peters-Skin Deep.

-Disco Club 10:
Mixed By Marc Hartman-1986
Side A:Dreamer-B.B.&Q Band,Mandrill-Patrick Colby,Heigh Ho-Fabian Nesti,To The Bottom-M.D.M,Colder Than Ice-Grant Miller,Weekend-Class Action.

Side B:Don't Talk About It-Sman,Cocoon-Timerider,Humanoid Invasion-Laserdance,Once More-Taffy,Fly To Me-Aleph,Born To Be Alive-Patrick Hernandez.

-In 1985 a similar issue was issued under the name Disco 1985 ( Not from the ECI club) but on the same label.
It has the same layout as the disco club series(same picture as part 8):

-Music 85:
Mixed By Peter Duijkersloot-1985
Catalog No:185038

Side A:Genie-B.B.&Q Band,Miquel Brown-Close To Perfection,Shannon-Do You Wanna Get Away,Fancy-Check Out,L-Vira-Talkin'About Rambo,Firefly-Stay .

Side B:Sound Of Rimini-Kasso,Shannon-Stronger Together,Mirage-No More War,Dan Harrow-Future Brain,Camaro's Gang-Fuerza Major,Kasso-Running.