US Disco promo albums


This is a demo record which contains a demo of the record show and presented by artists and jingles.
Demo contains:Jacksons-Shake Your Body Down,Bunny Sigler-By The Way You Dance,Gino Soccio-Dancer,Donna Summer-Hot Stuff,Mcfadden And Whitehead-Ain't No Stoppin Us Now,Peaches And Herb-Shake Your Groove Thing,Ami Stewart-Knock On Wood. All Mixed together with jingles and with a voice of a dj.

-Steppin Out

This is a demo record which contains a edited demo of the 2 hour show.
See sheet for more info.

-CKLM-1570 Disco Mix

This is not a mix or mixed sampler.
It's a sampler album distributed by a Canadian record station.

-You Never Been Hit So Hard -Phase 1

Atlantic-1978-PR 325
This album is not mixed and is a sampler album.

Side One:Total Time 16:56
Chic-Le Freak,Cerrone-Je Suis Music,Leif Garret-I Was Made For Dancin',Tasha Thomas-Shoot Me (With Your Love)

Side Two:Total Time 17:45
Fantastic Four-Sexy Lady,Phreek-Weekend,Herbie Man-Supermann

-You Never Been Hit So Hard -Phase 2

Record 1:

Side One:Total Time 18:20
Sister Sledge-He's The Greatest Dancer,Joy Fleming-The Final Thing,Narada Michael Walden-I Don't Want Nobody Else(To Dance With You).

Side Two:Total Time 12:05
Herbie Man-Superman,Midnight Rhythem-Workin & Slavin (I Need Love)

Record 2:

Side Three:Total Time 15:23
The George Bussey Experience-Disco Extravaganza,Tasha Thomas-Shoot Me (With Your Love)

Side Four:Total Time 17:05
The Wonderland Band-Whole Lotta Love,Kleeer-Keep Your Body Workin,Mick Jackson-Weekend.

Atlantic-1979-PR 326

This is a double album.
The songs are mixed together in the same style as the early disconet parts.

-Polydor:Steppin' To Our Disco PRO 060 1978 (for in store play only).

The first part is mixed by a Studio 54 DJ:Rich Kaczor

-Polydor :Steppin' To Our Disco Vol.2 PRO 084- 1979 (for in store play only)

This second part is mixed but the DJ is not mentioned on the label or cover.

Polydor issued also a double album called:Steppin Out Disco's Greatest Hits in 1978 (PD-2-9007) which contains 12"versions.

-Dance Ryhthm 'N'Rock New Music Seminar Mixer 1983 warner bross. PRO-A-2061

-Calibre Cuts CABL 502 1980(issued in the UK)

This is a one side mix from England.
It's issued with two different covers.
One cover as scan above, and the other cover as a PYE custom sleeve with a track listing sticker.

The mix contains the following songs(order is alfabetical and not as they appear in the mix):Aquarium Dream-East 6TH Street-Phoenix,Black Ivory-Mainline,Chanson-Don't Hold Back,Norman Connors-Captain Connors,El Coco-Cocomotion,Jupitor Beyond-The River Drive,Lax-Dancing At The Disco,Lowrell-Mellow Mellow Right On,Osibisa-Pata Pata,Players Assosiation-We Got The Groove-Everybody dance-I Like It,Positive Force-We Got The Funk,Tony Rallo-Holdin' On,Real Thing-Can You Feel The Force,Seventh Avenue-Miami Heatwave,Sugarhill gang-Rappers Delight,Two Man Sound-Que Tel America,Mcfadden And Whitehead-Ain't No Stopping Us Now,Donna Summer-Bad Girls,Earth Wind And Fire-Boogie Wonderland,Edwin Starr-happy Radio,Sister Sledge-We Are A Family.

-Master Mix Medley By Tony Humphries (West End)

-Disco Party 83 (Profile records)

-Discotheque Aquarius

Discotheque Aquarius (Sau Paulo Brazil) issued in 1979 a mixed album in colored vinyl.
The record was mixed by the resident DJ:Sergio Luiz Pereira.
Record was pressed in Brazil in 1979.