Disco Acetates-Melting Pot Sounds

Picture of Rich Flores cutting an acetate.

Picture of the mastering unit from Rich Flores.

Melting Pot Sounds was set up with Rich Flores together with Walter Gibbons.

Most of the acetates on that label were pressed between 1972 and 1975.
When Walter and Rich Broke up, Rich Started the label "Spectrum".

The Acetate press from Melting Pot Sound


7 inch


10" Acetates were always issued in a brown paper cover.

10 inch


Walter Gibbons personal copy

Both are the original 7 inch versions

Custom made Melting Pot 7 "

1. Area Code 615-Stone Fox Chase / Jungle Kongos
2. Feel the Need Detroit Emeralds b/w Beware of the stranger by the Hypnotics
3. Life & Death in G & A by the Hypnotics b/w Little Bit Of Love by brenda & Tabulations
4. Feel the Need In Me by Damon Shawn b/w Think by Lyn Collins
5. How Can I Forget by the Hypnotics b/w I Got It by Gloria Spencer
6. I'm Comin by Bobby Byrd b/w Hold Onto Your Mind by Andwella
7. Follow the Wind by the Midnight Movers b/w The Bottle by Gil-scott Heron & Brian Jackson
8. B-Man Boogie b/w Our Day will come
9. I know You Got Soul-Bobby Byrd/Follow The Wind-The Midnight Movers
10. Dance Master-Willie Henderson/Pelican Dance-Percy Faith
11. Running Out Of Fools-First Choice/You Want It, You Got It-Detroit Emeralds
12. Law Of The Land-Temptations - Walter Gibbons Edit
13. Love Is The Message-MFSB - Walter Gibbons Edit
14. Date With The Rain-Eddie Kendriks/I Like What I Like-Everyday People
15. Nu Sound Express-One More Time Y'all/Nu Sound Express-Ain't It Good Enough

Custom made 10 "
1. Love Is The Mess ( 3:51 ) / Palo Bonito ( 3:29 ) 1975 This acetate has an inscription on the
vinyl: RICH and P-B The track Love Is The Mess is a remix of the song:MFSB-Love Is The Message. It has mixed in a extra voice and and later in the song some sirens.
2. Do Me Right ( 2:38 )/ Pepper Box ( 2:41 ) 1975
3. Side 1 Can't Stop Talking-Koke / Genie Brown - Tribe Side 2 The Love I Lost-Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes 10"
4.Banaticoco part 1 / Banaticoco part 2

Custom made 7 inch

Custom made 7 inch

Spectrum 10 "
1. What About Love
2. Blow Your Whistle
3. Get Happy-Salsoul Orchestra