John's early acetate work

John Morales early Acetate work.
John made Acetate remixes from 1977 to 1981 mainly on Sunshine Sound.
Sunshine sound was a place where DJ's could go and buy the latest acetates-remixes.
Labored and edited by aspiring DJ's .One of the most popular mixes were the Deadly medleys (edited by John).

Frank at Sunshine sound had a list of the remixes and the mixers would let him sell them to other DJ's they would come in and buy them.The creators got a few dollars for every copy that was sold.
For John that was the place were it all started.
At first he started to make 10", but later when the mixes got longer than 9 minutes the mixes were pressed on 12"es.
So the 10"es are his first ones and the 12"were the later ones.

12"Acetates on Subshine Sound

Deadly Medley I

Deadly Medley II

Prince Medley
Only You-Teddy Pendergrass

Back In Love Again
Its better than good Time -Gladys Knight
Love And Kisses Medley
Village People Medley


10"Acetates On Sunshine Sound

Beautiful Bend - Boogie Motion & That's the meaning

Dan Hartman - Instant Replay

Bumble Bee Unlimited - Lady Bug

Musique - In the bush

Hold Your Horses

Hot Shot

One Of A Kind Gift

The Answer- Carol Douglas

Date With The Rain - Eddie Kendrick's

Master tape: Date With The Rain

Mastertape: In The Bush

118 BPM Medley

118 BPM Medley-Sometimes the name John Morales wasn't put on the label.

Columbian Medley

Chic - Le Freak

Rod Stewart - Do You Think Im sexy

M - Music In My Heart
I wanna Be Near you
Gotta Find A Disco

Acetates from other companies

Caught Up

Perform tape with instrumental

Get Down FridayNight-Fantastic Aleems Frankford/Wayne Mastering labs

Logg-I Know You Will


Village People Medley