Michel Gendreau Montreal DJ

MICHEL GENDREAU : Montreal Club DJ and Radio & Tv Musical Director:

Michel Gendreau worked in the Montreal area from 1975 to 1985 starting off as a mobile DJ for school gigs and private parties. He graduated from the mobile scene to a club just outside of Montreal named the Intersection in St-Jerome. This was happening as Montreal was hosting the Olympics in 1976.

It was a fabulous time because of the worldwide attention Montreal got. Most nights there were easily 500 to 800 people in the club. The club was close to resort areas and attracted a lot of people from the city. From there Michel went to work in Montreal at "Regines" from 1978 to 1980 and at "Elle et Lui" from 1980 to 1985 .

Michel last night as club DJ came after the new year's party on the first of January 1985 at "Elle et Lui"
Michel also worked in Radio Stations from 1978 to 1985 as musical director or assistant musical director.

He was fortunate enough to be selected as the DJ for a TV show called "Et ca tourne"
and that lasted almost 10 years(1978-1987) in different types of music events for TV.
During the shows he met artists like Jermaine Jackson, Skyy, Instant Funk, James Brown and Celine Dion.

Michel had great passion for music and took up all challenges and the last one was working in studios(1980-1986)
with artists but mostly editing was his thing.
Michel was also a member of the Canadian Record Pool and the S.U.R.E Record pool.

He edited a lot of 45's for radio play and got rewarded with many honors (gold records, platinum records).

George Cucuzzella president and founder of Unidisc Records contracted with Michel to edit most of the 12" coming out of his studios in Montreal.
Michel did not remix many songs because this wasvery time consumming.

As you will see in the text below Michel was working night and day.
Here is a normal weekday for Michel in 1980: 8Am to 5Pm at Radio Station preparing shows to be aired->
6Pm to 10Pm private parties at Regines(4 or 5 a week) and 10Pm to whatever Regines
(6 nights and sometimes 7 nights a week).

Michel also had to find time for the TV shows 2 times a week from 5PM to 10PM and working in studio editing and mixing songs.

Here are a few titles of his re-edits/mixes:

Frankie Smith Double Dutch Bus Edit 7 inch Platinum Record
Imagination Just an Illusion Edit 7 inch Platinum Record
Lime Your Love Edit 7 inch Gold Record
The Flirts Passion Edit 7 inch Gold Record
Freddie James Get up and boogie Edit 7 inch Gold Record
Carol Jiani Hit and run lover Edit 7 inch Gold Record
Carol Jiani The woman in me Edit 7 inch Gold Record
Kelly Marie Love Trial Edit 7 inch Gold Record
Kelly Marie Feels like I'm in love Edit 7 inch Gold Record
The Flirts Passion Re-edit 7 inch .
The Flirts Calling all boys Re-edit 12 inch .
Frankie Smith Double Dutch Bus Re-edit 12 inch .
Imagination Just an Illusion Re-edit 12 inch .
The Chequers Undecided Love Re-edit 12 inch .
Paula Moore Valparaiso Re-edit 12 inch .
Imagination Medley Re-edit 12 inch .
Macho Not tonight Re-edit 12 inch .
Peter King Nightlife Re-edit 12 inch .
Peaches The Name Game Re-edit 12 inch .
Chris Mills Cold Turkey Re-edit 12 inch .
Chi Chi Liah Proud Mary Remix 12 inch .
Frankie Smith Handbone Re-edit 12 inch .
Terry Clayton Hall Shakin all over Re-edit 12 inch .
Port-O-Spain Raving on the Beach Re-edit 12 inch .
Vera King's of Castle Remix 12 inch .
Linda Kendrick Stupid Cupid Re-edit 12 inch .
Rah Band Slide Edit 7 inch .
Lime We're gonna love Tonight Edit 7 inch .
Imagination Changes Edit 7 inch .
Nancy Martinez So excited Edit 7 inch .
Divine Shoot your shot Edit 7 inch .
Bobby O She has a way Edit 7 inch .
Destiny Morning Music Edit 7 inch .
Nancy Martinez Take it slowly Edit 7 inch .
Nathasha King Am-Fm Edit 7 inch .
Pierre Rapsat Sujet Tabou Edit 7 inch .
Geraldine Cordeau Sound in the night  Edit 7 inch .
Vera Baby, don't you want To dance with me Edit 7 inch .
Oh Romeo These memories Edit 7 inch .

He also got Gold awards from his edits:

Michel is also selling a lot of his re-edits and mixes on Discogs (All original pressings !!), and also more than 2000 records from his personal collection.

Here is the link to go to his discogs shop: http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?seller=migen2000


Michel Gendreau was one of the main creators of the Famous disco mix-Let's Do it.

Here is the story behind it: A guy named Michel Ali brought a tape with a mix one night at the club were Michel was spinning.
After listening to it the spices were not that great, the sound was uneven, the records were old and full of noise but Michel saw the potential but it needed to be cleaned up.

So the whole medley was redone from scratch with Michel's records and a third guy named Paul Richer who was a great splicer. The medley was created in two parts.

The first part that was redone was the original beatles medley that started with *Video killed the radio star* and then eventualy finished with  the Beatles songs. The second part was the intro and finish of the medley.
The idea was get the  patrons on the dance floor with popular disco hits of the moment and mix in the 10" tape that was used when they started playing it(no bootleg yet).
There was no pitch on the reel to reel so Michel ajusted the pitch on his turntable that was playing one of the intro songs(funkytown was a sure bet).
So the medley could be introduced smoothly and people would just continue dancing on the old beatles songs.
No DJ's in clubs in Montreal were playing old Beatles songs in 1979 so this was a high risk decision to test this medley.
As for the ending *The JB's was a big hit in Montreal at that time so if they lost the patrons on the beatles songs they could get them back on ot the dance floor with the JB's.
Michel did not want to take any chances, but history as proven that this was a fantastic medley one of the rare bootlegs that was used to create a commercial success(Stars on 45).

Some people asked Michel to add more Beatles songs in the medley but he always refused and to this day says that the original mix is still the best one out there.

It was simple and fun to dance to.

The very first pressing was the one on the Alto passion label.

Here is a picture of the tape recorder the mix was made on: